LEA22 – Funky Junk

Whenever I’m looking for a good place to take photographs, I know I can count on the LEA sims.

This trip I ended up at LEA22 – Funky Junk.  The description says it’s still under construction, but there is a ton to see and explore.

LEA 22 1The sim is full of art pieces and vignettes made of recycled junk.  I was having so much fun exploring that I was snapping pics like mad. Of course, I couldn’t resist playing around a bit with some of the great filters in Firestorm.

LEA 22 2I was a little lost and confused at first, but still having a blast wandering around and looking at everything.  (I always forget to read the land description until after I’ve wandered around a bit – or a lot!)

LEA 22 3I loved these little worker ants – heading down into the whirlpool of discarded junk, and then trundling back up the hill to their home.

LEA 22 4It really does make you stop and think about how much junk we humans through away (into landfills, the ocean, etc.) every day.

LEA 22 5There were some whimsical vignettes placed here and there around the sim.  I’m not quite sure what species these birds (?) are, but their babies are cute as the dickens. 😛

LEA 22 6This scene struck me as particularly funny and poignant. The little worker is making trees out of the trash lumber, and then painting it green to make the trees you see in the background.

Ironic, yes?

LEA 22 7As I was pondering the irony of the Forestry Department scene, I stumbled into this forest of book trees.

The sim was amazing and chock full of things to see and do.  The land description also says to wear your headset and click stuff (something I neglected to do).

Head on over and try it out!  Or, if you don’t have much time in-world, you can visit the Funky Junk blog and see what it’s all about.


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