Skye Neist

A few days ago while wandering around SL, I came across Skye Neist in the Destination Guide.  It seemed interesting, so I headed over with my camera.Skye Neist 1It turned out to be a lovely little sim.  The designer is also a creator and many of the homes he sells are placed in the landscape.

I found lots of little nooks and crannies to explore and some fabulous scenery.  There is a forested area, several beach areas, and some lovely vignettes. Skye Neist 2While I was exploring, I was also having fun playing around with the various built-in filters in Firestorm.  I didn’t do anything in Photoshop to these pics besides cropping.  Skye Neist 3I had to chuckle a little when I came across this sign, because it echoed exactly what I was trying to do with my SL travels.  After a rough week, I was looking for some peace and quiet. 🙂Skye Neist 4I got a little too happy with the lens flare filter during this shoot, but I just love the way it looks on this massive tree.  🙂Skye Neist 5This beach area had a lot of vignettes, but I was particularly struck by this crooked tree.  Where I live, a lot of our trees look like this because of the heavy winds we have.  No beaches, though. 😦

Skye Neist 6After I remembered to up my draw distance a bit, I stumbled across some really amazing builds.  I love this steampunk castle – it looks like it could detach and soar up into the sky at a moment’s notice. (Another lens flare filter, oops!)

Skye Neist 7This was another castle build.  I thought the curves and arches of the doors were interesting, and not something I’ve seen much. I don’t frequent many RP places, so that may be why. Skye Neist 8This huge castle was set off on a promontory with a long stone path leading up to the door.  If I had unlimited space, I would love to have a castle like this to live in and decorate. 😀

I stopped at Skye Neist on a whim, but it is a beautifully decorated sim and well worth a visit.  Be sure to spend some time exploring – lots to see. 🙂

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