Photoshop Tips/Tricks: Dodge, Burn, and Shadows

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I’ve gotten behind in watching all of the great videos Daeberethwen Arbenlow has been putting out for using various tools in Photoshop. 😦

The following two videos go together – the first is on using the dodge and burn tools to add highlights and shadows to your SL photos.

The second is a follow-up video, with more information on how to use the dodge and burn tools to contour your photos.

I’ve not had a chance to experiment with these yet, but I can’t wait!

I’m sure it will take time to develop a feel for when ‘enough is enough,’ but in the meantime, I plan to pull up of some old photos in Photoshop and start playing. 🙂


Tutorial: Highlights and Shadows with Dodge and Burn using Curves:

Tutorial: Contouring Photos (beginner to intermediate):

If you can’t see the embedded videos, click here for the highlights video and here for the contouring video.