Exploring The Keys

Whenever things get a bit hectic in RL, I love to sit down in front of the computer and go exploring in SL.

There are so many wonderful places to see and photograph!

For this trip, I had heard about a new sim called The Keys from some fellow photographers, so I thought I’d check it out.

The Keys 1

I wasn’t sure what to expect. I landed here, by this pond, complete with swans and a cute little flower stand.

The Keys 2

I love the arches and columns – fantastic architectural features and ones that lend themselves so easily to photography. 🙂

The Keys 3

I loved looking down the long hallway and seeing the play of the light and shadows. It took me a bit to get this lined up the way I wanted, but I’m happy with the result. 🙂

The Keys 4

There were lots of areas to explore, and decorated in different themes.  There’s a bit of a gothic feel at the landing point, with all the arches and columns in the facade by the pond.

I found a quaint little Tuscan-inspired area, though I didn’t have time to explore it.

I also found this pastoral area, with the autumn trees and the horses with their blankets on.  I love the adorable foal laying in the grass.

Little vignettes were everywhere, including a cute one with a gopher and a digging dog.

The Keys 5

There was a lovely little treehouse area.  Near the treehouse I found this gorgeous wrought-iron ‘Welcome’ gate with a beautiful little shaded sitting area behind.

If you decide to go explore The Keys yourself (and you should!), make sure to keep an eye out for little whimsical touches, like the mouse with the umbrella balancing on a stump, or the sitting area that holds a table with a miniature model of a city.

The sim is just beautifully done, and there are lots of hidden nooks and crannies to explore and find.

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