Pandora Box of Dreams

One of the picturesque sims I’ve visited recently is the Pandora Box of Dreams sim.

Pandora Box of Dreams Second Life

I didn’t have as much time to wander around as I would have liked, but what I did see was absolutely lovely.

I’m wintered out, so it was a nice change of pace to find a sim that is decorated with beautiful fall colors.

Pandora Box of Dreams 2

This tree house was my favorite.  I love how the trees are a bit gnarled and the staircase curls around the trunk up to the second floor.

Pandora Box of Dreams 3

Not too far from the treehouse was this cute church building.  But instead of a church, it’s actually a library! Tons of bookshelves and books, and reading nooks everywhere – a book lover’s dream. 🙂

I’ll definitely be heading back when I have more time to wander around.


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