Beauty at Bella Pace

Bella Pace 1Yesterday I had projects to work on, but as usual, other factors kept me from getting it done.

Since I had some time on my hands, I decided to go visit some picturesque sims.

First on my list was Bella Pace.

The description says it’s a place ‘based on childhood memories of Summer vacations in Tuscany Italy.’  Never having been to Tuscany, I can’t tell whether it’s similar.

I can tell you it’s breathtakingly gorgeous. 😀

Bella Pace 2

It’s calm, peaceful, and so relaxing.  I loved the windlight, so I didn’t bother trying to find one of my own for my pictures.

The stucco houses with the tiled roofs, the blooming gardens – I could almost smell the flowers.

Bella Pace 4

The main house was gorgeous, but there is lots to see, so make sure you have a bit of a wander if when you visit.  This little covered patio area near the pool made me want to just dive in, float, and relax in the sun.

Bella Pace 6

There are plenty of little areas to explore and artistic little vignettes like this lemonade stand.  I love how you can see the mountains and water off in the distance.

Bella Pace 7

Every place I found made me want to kick off my shoes, lay back, and bask in the warm sunlight.

I love being able to visit sims like this and lose myself in all the beauty.  I have zero talent when it comes to landscaping, so I’m always in awe of places like Bella Pace and how fantastic they are.

After my visit to Bella Pace, I’m ready to pack my bags and head for Italy!


4 thoughts on “Beauty at Bella Pace

  1. I’m so glad that sim stayed public. When it opened it was to be for two weeks only. I have all those buildings from the 8f8 gacha Primavera in Toscana but no one could top what they’ve done there.

    I have a photo on my flickr stream that I took there last July. Every few days it gets another fave, even now and it’s had over 6000 views, my most successful photo ever on flickr. I have no idea how people find it still.

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