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ArtisteHUD_IMAGEOne of the things that drew me to the Artiste Suite of products was the number of products included – so many tools it’s hard to know where to begin. 🙂

One tool included in the Suite is the StageSight.

I had actually forgotten about it and was using the built-in camera tools in Firestorm to do some of the same things.

The product actually has two versions, so I will start with the older version – StageSight 2.5b.

StageSightThis version is available on the Marketplace for $250L.  It is nc/m/nt.  The StageSight was developed in order to help dancers view what they needed to quickly and easily during a performance.

Using the StageSight, you can configure a ‘quick view’ camera angle of your choosing (generally the stage where you’ll be performing).

This tool can be extremely useful for performers who have trouble camming around at venues.  You can, using this tool, set up a viewing angle that lets you view the stage.  You can then be backstage, and with a simple click, zoom your camera out to view the stage.  Because the tool is doing it, the change is almost instant, and reduces your chances of crashing.

Because people found it so useful, Yummy received many requests for a copiable version.  Having a copy version allows you to set a different angle for each copy. So you could set up a front stage view, a backstage view, and any other angle you might wish.

The copiable version is on MP for $750L.

If you purchase the GOLD version of the Artiste suite, the StageSight is included.  The version you get with the GOLD is different than the other version, however.

StageSightPlusThe StageSight Plus is nc/m/nt.  (You can also purchase this via MP if you wish.)  It looks a little different than the StageSight and this is because it does more.

The StageSight Plus lets you you set three (3) angles rather than one (1), and it lets you do this for up to 11 venues!  That means you can set up 33 angles – though I doubt you’ll need that many.

You set up one default angle for a wide view of the stage (the cross-hair button).  You then set up a second ‘zoomed-in’ angle for the stage.  Using the +/- buttons, you can step/zoom between those two angles for shots.

You can use the circle arrows to release your camera if you wish.  It just takes one click to recenter the view/camera.  The StageSight Plus also has a tip-jar view.  You set up a view for the tip jar, and when you click the heart button, your camera zooms to the tip jar so you can tip.  You can then reset your view by clicking a button or wait, and after 12 seconds, your view will be returned to the default automatically.

There is some work to do upfront, by using the camera button to capture the info and loading it into the notecard inside the HUD.

You can set up multiple venues and choose them via a blue pop-up menu, handy if you dance/perform at different venues.  You can add up to 11 venues.  If you don’t need 11 venues, you can of course set up additional angles at one venue using multiple buttons.  Just make sure to name the menu buttons something meaningful to you.  To bring up the menu, simply click on the words ‘StageSight.’

Whichever version of the StageSight you use, you will quickly find it is an extremely useful tool.  Whether for photography or dancing or whatever other use you might imagine, it will make changing your camera views easier and faster than ever before.

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  1. Thank you, Kat, for the timely review.

    I might add that not only do you get the 11-venue version of StageSight with the GOLD version, but you also get a special ‘2-views plus default-view’ version of StageSight ‘built into the Artiste Performance HUD’ so that no extra HUD is required during showtime, if you are using the Artiste Performance HUD.

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