How to NOT buy bad stuff in SL | Pussycat Catnap’s thoughts

Pussycat Catnap always shares interesting technical information.

Being non-techie myself, I appreciate having things explained.  I’ve never actually taken the time to view myself in wire-frame, but I may have to try it.

So many things end up being no-mod, though, I’m not sure there’s much the end consumer can do about it, unless/until there are better tools for determining ARC/RW/Avatar Complexity/whatever we’re calling it this week.

I also found her advice on LOD settings interesting, since I have received countless notecards from creators (included with their items), telling me to up my LOD to 4 or even higher.

I usually have my LOD set to 4, so I will have to experiment with setting it a bit lower, especially given the additional information from the Firestorm team included at the end of the post.

Source: How to NOT buy bad stuff in SL | Pussycat Catnap’s thoughts

3 thoughts on “How to NOT buy bad stuff in SL | Pussycat Catnap’s thoughts

  1. The only solution for getting your “Avatar Draw Weight” (NOT Avatar Render Cost BTW. 🙂 ) down…

    Is to trash old stuff and buy a replacement… And I’ve had to do this way more times than I would have liked to, so I’m hoping my advice can save somebody else some money…

    (and maybe give some money to any good merchants people find. 🙂 )

    Which is why I give the advice as shopping advice… Because if we can figure out the “Avatar Draw Weight” of things BEFORE we buy it… its a lot less painful… 🙂

    That of course is a reason to never buy anything that lacks a demo… because you really want to know if something is going to slow up your machine or even crash you before you get attached to it…

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