Transforming Objects with Puppet Warp [UP21] | Photofocus

An interesting tool in Photoshop I’ve never used before.

I shall have to do some playing around and see what mischief I can make with it. šŸ˜›

Source: Transforming Objects with Puppet Warp [UP21] | Photofocus

2 thoughts on “Transforming Objects with Puppet Warp [UP21] | Photofocus

  1. Dont you ever get tired of stealing leads and stories off other sites? You always say you found it when you simply just knicked a story off another website, give credit where credit is due.

    1. I don’t ‘knick’ stories from other sites. I reblog them, and give credit where it is due – to the author/blog of the article I am reblogging. Reblogging is an accepted practice, and I do not claim to have written the articles I reblog. The link to the original source is listed – generally as ‘source,’ followed by the link to the original blog/article. I follow hundreds of blogs and when I find an article I think might be of interest to my readers, I reblog it.

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