MJ’s Burlesque

Yesterday I was able to make it to MJ’s Burlesque Review.

I try to never miss a show.

MJ 1As usual, the ladies delivered.

First of all, how can you go wrong when you have the most adorable MC ever?!

I wanted to stuff her in my pocket and take her home with me, but I was too scared of MJ. 😛

The venue was wonderfully decorated with lots of spooky and creepy Halloween bits and bobs.

And, of course, no end of Kat and mouse jokes because of the little mouse scurrying around the place. 😀

MJ kicked off the show, opening with a number set in a creepy courtyard.

MJ 2Werewolves kept appearing and disappearing (one of them stole MJ’s clothes!).

That’s what she gets for taking dating advice from Nancy. 😛

While MJ tried to chase down the werewolves and retrieve her clothes, it was Nancy’s turn to take the stage.

Nancy is one of my favorite artists in SL, but sometimes she scares me.

MJ 3I don’t think I want to know where she hangs out in her off time.

Set in someone’s dungeon (I never did find out whose), she danced her pants off (literally). 😀

I always make sure to spend some time checking out all the details in Nancy’s sets, because there are a lot of them.

If you go to the encore show on Sunday (and you should!), make sure you check out the graffiti on the dungeon walls.

The stage crew cleaned up most of the blood, just in time for Zed’s act.

Set in a cemetery (duh), Zombie Zed entertained us all.

The skeletons were doing wildly inappropriate things with their bones, Zed was dropping everything (including clothes, flesh, and some fingers), and I spy a cute little cat.

MJ 4If you look carefully, you can see Zed’s pussy, Steve (that’s his name, honest!), watching as the skeleton next to him rises out of its grave.

So cute, so oddball, and so totally Zed. 😀

It took the crew a little longer to clean up all the mess this time, what with the rotting flesh all over the stage.

Eventually it was all scrubbed clean and it was time for MJ to take center stage again.

Appearing in a church, she exposed her deepest desires (and the rest of her). 😀

A vampire queen, she was in hiding, just waiting for the right time to seize her next victim.

MJ 5It was another terrific show, as I’ve come to expect.

If you didn’t get to see the show on Friday, they will be doing an encore performance on Sunday (tomorrow) at 2pm SLT.

If you’re in the US, don’t forget that we set our clocks back an hour tonight!

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  1. It was a good show, the audience were great with their banter between themselves too and Steve has featured somewhere in all my sets since my very first show. Glad to see you finally managed to get a pic of me that you could use.

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