Winds of the Sahara Cabaret

I’m a little later with this post than I’d like to be, but in my defense, there were a LOT of shows this weekend. 😛

WotSC 1On Sunday I went to the Winds show.

Honestly, I think I’m Halloween-ed out.

I’m not even planning on handing out candy this year. :-/

My kids will be gone, so hubby and I are just planning a quiet evening at home.

Anyhoo, Selene kicked off the show at Winds, with a routine to Lady Gaga’s ‘Bad Romance.’

WotSC 2After Selene cleared the skeletons off the stage, it was Winnie’s turn.

I enjoyed this routine a lot.

It started out with just Winnie dancing on the music box, then it split and it was a mirror image – Winnie and Queenie.

I’ve seen quite a few ‘music box dancer’ routines, and this one was a unique take on it.

Once the dancers were safely back in their boxes, Devlin took to the stage.

WotSC 3The set was full of fire, smoke, lava, and, of course, skeletons. 😛

I don’t remember what song he danced to (I should really take better notes!), but he was certainly a hit with the audience.

After waiting a few minutes for all the smoke to clear, it was time for one of my favorite acts of the night.

The set had a colorful retro/60’s vibe, and a lone coffin graced the stage.

Not sure what to expect, I waited.

WotSC 4Path popped out of the coffin – a skeleton dressed in a suit.

With laser beams coming out of his eyes, he boogied all over the stage, eventually losing the suit.

It was a fun routine.

Though I got a picture of the last act, I have to confess I have no idea what it was about.

I got called away in RL, and came back just as the act was finishing.

WotSC 5I’m sorry I missed it, because the set looks amazing.

Perhaps Queenie will perform it again somewhere.

After Queenie, it was Lotta’s turn.

More skeletons, but at least I hadn’t seen any icky spiders yet. 😛

It was fun watching Path (as the skeleton) dance around in various places.

WotSC 6He started out on top of the stair railing, then moved to the ceiling, and then eventually in sync with Lotta.

Kismet was up next, and I’m always excited to see her routines.

The curtains opened and – yikes!

A giant spider.


WotSC 7I should have known I wouldn’t make it through a Halloween show with no spiders.

I must say, however, she was one of the sexiest spiders I’ve ever seen. 😀

A great set build, an amazing costume, and lots of cool particle effects.

And then, just like that, it was time for the last act of the show.

The cast danced to Michael Jackson’s Thriller.

WotSC 8The set was terrific, and I loved how some of the dancers appeared to climb up out of the earth at the beginning.

There were some really great costumes in this act as well.

If you haven’t seen a show at Winds, you should make some time to go.

Join their group to stay updated on happenings, but there are regular shows every Sunday at 5pm SLT.