The It Girlz N Fellaz

On Monday I went to see a ‘new-to-me’ group.

It Girlz 1I’ve seen them advertised around the grid, but I’d never been to one of their shows before.

It was their Halloween show and it kicked off with a great routine to ‘Enter Sandman’ by Metallica.

Now, I’ve always thought the ‘Now I lay me down to sleep’ song was a bit creepy and not at all comforting.

The routine had a young boy going to bed, and then we watched the stuff of his nightmares come out of his closet.

And, of course, a giant spider.  -.-

It Girlz 2There was no MC at the show, so I got a bit confused at times.

I think the next act was actually in two parts.

(Another confession – I’m not really familiar with ‘Monster High’ or horror movies, so I get confused easily when it comes to those references.)

The routine started out with various monsters dancing in an alley.

Then the scene switched, but some of the dancers were in the same costumes.

It Girlz 3(Hence my confusion.) 😛

After all the monsters had cleared the stage, I heard the strains of one of my favorite songs.

The ‘Banana Boat Song’ by Harry Belafonte.

‘Beetlejuice’ is a movie I’ve actually seen (more than once, even!), so I was on familiar ground with this one. 😀

It Girlz 4There seem to be a lot of dancers in this troupe, as every act was a group act.

A great problem to have, right?

After Beetlejuice and his crew were done dancing to the medley of the ‘Banana Boat Song’ and ‘Jump in the Line,’ the scene shifted again.

This time we were in a creepy warehouse filled with dolls and all kinds of odd toys.

It Girlz 5With so many people on the stage, I found it a bit difficult to keep track of everything going on.

It was hard to decide where to aim the camera and what to focus on.

The next act was more of a story routine.

A voiceover gave us the story of an unfaithful samurai and the consequences of his actions.

It Girlz 6Again, a ton of people on stage for this number.

I played around with the lighting a bit on this routine, because everything was a bit too white.

After the samurai and the ghostly dancers left the stage, I was excited to see a song by one of my favorite performers pop up.

I’ve loved Weird Al for years – anyone remember the movie ‘UHF’? 😀

It Girlz 7This routine was to his song ‘Nature Trail to Hell.’

It started out innocently enough, with all the boy and girl guides dancing in the woods.

Then, out of nowhere, two axe-wielding maniacs mowed everyone down.

The effects for this routine were well done.

For the last act, and a complete change of pace, the last routine of the show was an underwater mermaid dance.

It Girlz 8I’m a sucker for a mermaid. 😀

There were lots of terrific costumes in this routine.

Set to some beautiful Hans Zimmer music, it was a stunning act.

I will definitely be keeping an eye out for future shows from this group.

Thanks to Monavie, who sent me the info on this show!