The Night Theater Gets Wicked

I spent most of the weekend flitting around to different dance shows (there were a LOT!).

TNT Wicked 1One of the shows I attended was The Night Theater’s performance of ‘Wicked.’

Aelva and her crew are very creative and talented, and this show will not disappoint.

The show opens with some seemingly sweet fairies lounging around.

Until the webs start to appear.

Aelva, Sarah, and Amethyst performed this number, complete with lots of lovely special effects.

After the spiderwebs were cleared away, it was time for one of my favorite numbers.

TNT Wicked 2Dancing to ‘Wild Thing’ by Tone Loc, these skeletons were the life of the party. 😀

Martty, Aelva, and Amethyst were skeletally fabulous in this inventive and creative number.

It’s not often that you get to see skeletons doing the bump-n-grind.

Once the skeleton party retired from the stage, it was time for a Frankenstein number.

When I saw this act the first time, I was again impressed with the creative thinking.

TNT Wicked 3Changing the perspective is a visually effective way to catch the audience’s attention.

It also allows the dancers to be creative with fancy mover routes. 😛

I love the purple lightning effects that they wear.

The build is perfect as well – I love the pentagram formed by the beams of the structure.

This act ends with them both disappearing in a cloud of black smoke – a fantastic effect.

TNT Wicked 4The next act was to a song by The Pistol Annies – ‘I Feel a Sin Coming On.’

With a title like that, you know it’s going to be a fun routine. 😀

Aelva, Sarah, and Amethyst were fa-BOO-lous as witches in this number.

I love the swampy setting.

Cauldrons, floating bodies, witches on broomsticks – what more could you want for a Halloween show?

After the witches vanished (literally), it was time for the last act of the evening.

TNT Wicked 5Dancing to ‘Not Myself Tonight’ by Christina Aguilera, the dancers entertained us while the butler served us drinks.

In a cemetery.

Because, you know, it’s Halloween.

Apparently they stopped by after their visit to the guillotine. 😛

This is a fun show, and if you missed it, you still have another chance.

There will be another performance on Saturday, October 31, at 9am SLT.

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