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I’m waiting for this feature (and others) to be released in Firestorm.  However, I’m curious to see how the ACI settings will work at a dance show.

I will want to see possibly high ACI performers, but not the high ACI people in the audience.  I do agree this is a good step, in that it puts control in the hands of the user.

I am hopeful it will encourage more consumers to be mindful of how their avatar (and attached items) affect other people nearby, as well as pushing more designers (clothing and jewelry, in particular) to create things that are more ‘optimized.’

Reblog: Are Second Life’s Jelly Babies Breaking SL? | Nalates’ Things & StuffNalates’ Things & Stuff

As I have pointed out more people are talking about Jelly Babies and the coming RC Second Life Quick Graphics Viewer version movement toward being the main viewer. Of course some know …


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  1. Sadly until mesh body makers dont follow the hair ones rules, to allow to mod and edit a mesh body by rezzing in world, therefore deleting unwanted parts (see kl lena’s perky example) i doubt this will be feasible., to have avatars with a good arc.
    My avatar, all mesh, is less then 30000 arc at all times but cause i just edit the body, deleted non needed layers (i only use mesh clothes so i don’t need more then just a single layer where i use my skin).
    All that use non mod bodies and heads will refuse to set the arc, better to take forever to see some to rezz then see them at jelly beans.

    1. I agree, there will always be those who don’t care about their own ACI/ARC/RW or whatever you want to call it. However, if you are dressing yourself to be seen, and most of the people around you have set it so that you appear as a jelly baby to them, maybe that will have some effect. (It’s my understanding that if your avatar is not being rendered by others around you, you receive some sort of message to that effect.)

      1. Well i use avatar impostors box unchecked so for me ill be seeing all, don’t know about the notice, but i can only imagine the cluttering if so.

  2. I didn’t even know that jelly babies were a thing, at least not the term used here. When I go to fashion shows they always tell us to take off scripted items, for even though we aren’t using them, they still take up the sim’s resources. I don’t even know if it’s possible to have a low ARC/RW anymore because of all the mesh. I hear designers say that too many polygons used in an object will cause FPS to drop, which can be a problem for older computers.

    1. Yes, I know that the amount of polygons in a mesh object can affect how fast/slow they render. However, since worn/attached items don’t count towards LI, designers haven’t had the incentive to ‘optimize’ content that landscaping/decor designers have. These days, a 12 prim chair isn’t going to sell well against a 2 prim one. With clothing, it’s usually strictly based on appearance, so using large textures, or lots of textures, and a lot of polygons (which makes things look smoother) didn’t matter. Now, perhaps, it might.
      I’m hoping that maybe this change/feature will mean that more consumers become aware of what they wear/purchase, as we have learned to do with scripts.

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