Sinners Burlesque – The Bat Show

On Friday, the Sinners Burlesque troupe hosted a charity event for Bat World, part of the “The Truth About Bats & Avies” event run by SL Goth.

The show was spectacularly spooky, with, of course, lots of bats. 😀

Sinners Bat Show 1A trio of scary bat dancers opened the show.

I don’t usually set my lighting to midnight for shows, because I find it difficult to take pictures.

However, for this act, I must admit that the shot I took at midnight is better.

I love the silhouette of the dancers against the huge moon.

Very spooky, indeed!

Sinners Bat Show 2After the trio exited the stage, Aura took to the stage for a very informative and beautiful routine.

I had no idea how fragile bats can be.

Light pollution affects them, as does the use of pesticides.

Aura’s act was beautiful, but haunting.

Apropos for Halloween. 🙂

Sinners Bat Show 3Next up was Sanne, dancing on a rather scary looking bat.

I didn’t record the names of the songs they danced to, but they were all slow, spooky, and hauntingly gorgeous.

The glowing red eyes in the background was a nice touch.

After Sanne, Aura took to the stage again.

Sinners Bat Show 4This time it was more of a traditional Halloween set, with a bit of goth thrown in. 😀

After rising from her coffin, she danced, and then was mobbed by her flock of bats and vanished.

A cool effect. 😛

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In addition to events like these, they also do regular cabaret/burlesque shows.

A wonderful troupe with some amazingly creative dancers.