It’s Not Over!

So glad to hear that pieces of Fab Free will remain open. A wonderful resource for many of us in SL. 🙂

FabFree - Fabulously Free in SL

Hello FabFree Folks,

After reading the enormous outpouring of supportive and kind comments regarding FabFree and it’s positive impact on the grid, Prudence, Julianna and myself were inspired to put our heads together and come to the conclusion that there is just no way we can put an end to such a caring community of people.  We have realized that there was a time before the complexity that Fabfree has grown into with multiple groups, a headquarters and a large designer listing that was still quite “fabulous”.

We have re-structured our management (again, try to keep up with us! lol) and will be staying open, but making some very big changes, turning back the clock a bit to make things more easily managed by our team of Volunteers.

*  Blog:  Our blog will remain open and active – continuing to feature free and under 75L offers.

*  Inworld Group:  We…

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One thought on “It’s Not Over!

  1. I know some people lament freebies, but not everyone can afford to put money into SL and buy items. Freebies, at lest quality ones, can help a new person or a person who is not well off in real life, look somewhat decently. Kudos to FabFree for finding a way to remain open.

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