14 thoughts on “To Facebook or Not to Facebook?

  1. It is a fact that most blogs are visited by a link in FB yes. I do have a personal FB account under my SL name, but if it gets reported, I hang. A good friend of mine had her account closed by FB twice these last few months, and apparently one cannot access the data then anymore. Finally she decided to share her RL account now, but of course only to a limited number of very good friends.
    I still wonder how FB finds out about SL accounts – is this only because somebody reports it? I don’t know.
    Perhaps Daria can tell you more about it, as her account recently was reported, but she managed to be back on.

    1. I know you can get around the deletion issue by having a page, but I know that pages don’t have all the same functionality of a profile. That said, perhaps a page would be better than nothing for me. At the least, it would let me keep better track of some of the shops and events I like, I think. 🙂

  2. I have to say its worth having a FB account, I have one for myself and a page for my magazine. Lots of SL people are on there.

      1. Social media all around helps because not everyone blogs and are not on WP or blogger, but you have to work at building up your social media sites and give people a reason to like and add them

        1. So the traffic you get from FB is worth the work of adding another social media platform to your plate? I already have several to keep up with and trying to decide if FB would be worth the effort. 😛

          1. Well just having the page isnt enough you will have to work to build it up. Alot of peeps get discouraged because they create FB page and only get maybe 20 or 30 likes.

            1. I know it will be work to build it up, hence the questions. It does sound like it might be worth the effort, though, so I will have to think on it. 🙂

  3. Although FB annoys me intensely it is a way to get word out about various things. I watched someone start a gallery from scratch and it was her use of FB that put her on the map and the gallery has become one of the best known in SL. Of course having good artists helped a lot. I cross two boundaries in SL, the art community and the dance community and both groups have very strong communities on FB.

    That said, don’t get bogged down with games or memes that so many people play there or waste your time looking at cutesy cat videos. Personally I think a page does not get the word out as well as a persona but others will disagree I’m sure.

    My original FB account was JMB Balogh which could be a RL person’s name but recently they asked me did I want to change it? Uhoh. I thought I would probably be a goner but I changed it to Joanna Balogh and so far so good. Toysoldier Thor was deleted quite a few times but finally he decided to mount a big defence, proving that Toysoldier Thor had a presence online in many areas, far more than just being an SL avatar. Facebook caved and all his old posted material magically was restored. I don’t think others have quite the presence he has to back up their cases so be prepared. It seems to go in waves.

    The funny part is my RL FB account is not under my RL name either. I’ve always been suspicious of FB. I don’t know but I think it might help if you put some RL info on your profile instead of SL stuff. I have where I live and University and high school information. I’m retired but you might put a RL job there too.

    If you break down, friend me. I promise you there will be no cutesy cat videos on my wall and I’ll never ask you to do a meme.

    1. Lol – it IS amazingly easy to get distracted on social media. However, I would be setting it up primarily for blogging purposes. I just feel like I need an easier/faster way to keep up with all the stores/venues/events I like, and even with 60 group slots, and subscribers, I just don’t have enough room!! If I do a page, I won’t have to worry about the whole deletion thing, since it won’t break the TOS. We shall see – I’m not really keen to add another platform to my plate, but I also need to grow, so . . . . Decisions, decisions!

      1. I have a blog about SL dance, amongst others, which I update infrequently. But if I post there and put it on FB I get 100 or more hits in the next couple of days. Don’t underestimate the power of FB, annoying as it is.

  4. I do get more views now that I have a FB account. My name is Winnie Dances….so we’ll see how long I last, lol. I really just link my blog and occasionally comment on a friends’ post, some friends have been outworld due to RL illnesses and FB was all they could access, so it was nice to get updates and cheer them on. I check it once a day, if that, but can use it when I wish to. There are a lot of people whose names are different…I pray that unlike me…they don’t change their appearance every forty seconds, so if I recognize their avatar and their name is close…they’re in 🙂 There is a huge dance presence, of course those are most of my SL friends anyways, but I do have some who aren’t friends inworld but who I do go see perform regularly. My blogging lately has been more for 2 venues and occasionally for Sam Wetherby’s online magazine so they get far more traffic that my little Winnie blog anyways! I don’t do cat videos as my RL or SL persona….I’m a dog person, lol 🙂

    1. I’m a dog person myself too! I have an old FB account for Kat, so I may have to reactivate it and see how it goes. It is nice to have someplace to stay connected, I just don’t care for FB. If/when I do, I’ll have to let you all know!

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