Dancing Outside the Lines Graduation

Yesterday I was able to attend the graduation show for Dancing Outside the Lines.

I’m happy to see so many schools and classes popping up around the grid.

DotL 1Everyone learns differently and it’s nice to be able to have a selection of ways to learn when dealing with all the dance tools that have become the norm in SL dancing.

The show opened with a beautiful butterfly fairy number.

I didn’t catch the name of the song that was used, but it was a lovely instrumental piece.

DotL 2After the fairies, Annie (hostess at Winds of the Sahara) took to the stage.

Her dance was supposed to be a duet, but her partner had to drop out at the last minute.

Annie’s dance was a mix of ballet and hip-hop – my notes do not show the name of the song.

I’m a horrible note-taker when I’m trying to snap pics! 😛

The DotL school is for both Gorean and mainstream dancers, and the next act was Gorean-themed.

The set was lovely.

This dance also had emotes, as most Gorean dances do.

DotL 3After the beautiful kajira left the stage, two Gorean masters did a routine.

If I have deciphered my notes correctly, one of them did the set building and the other the choreography.

The final act of the show was a routine done by one of the instructors, Ayita.

The dance started out in front of a saloon and faded into an interior scene.

I think the name of the song was ‘5, 6, 7, 8.’

(My memory is terrible, and my handwriting is even worse!)

Following Ayita’s act, there was a group/audience dance, though I didn’t have time to stay for that.

DotL 5The next round of classes for DotL starts in November, though I believe most of the classes are already full.

If you want to stay updated, join the DotL group.

They are now also offering rentals for building spaces, if that’s of interest to you.