Evergreen Nook

Thursday was a difficult day.

I attended the funeral of a family member in the morning, and the rest of day was a flurry of various activities.

I didn’t really have much time to just be still and reflect on things.

So Friday I found myself wandering around SL, trying to keep myself occupied.

What I really needed was to spend some quiet time, and soothe my soul.

So I went looking for some beautiful places in SL, and I found Evergreen Nook.

Evergreen Nook 1

There is something so soothing about waves and watching the spray hit the rocks.

Peaceful and tranquil, something my soul sorely needed.

Evergreen Nook 2

There were lots of little areas to explore, including this house, with a lovely little garden nearby.

Evergreen Nook 3

I’m a bit of a voyeur at heart, and I love peeking into windows to see how other people live.

I love to people watch too, though that isn’t as easy in SL. 😛

Evergreen Nook 4

There were some Halloween decorations here and there when I visited, but I derendered them.

I needed peace and serenity, not blood and gore.

Evergreen Nook 5

I love the autumn colors and the falling foliage.

Trees where I live tend to turn straight from green to brown, so I love seeing all the oranges and yellows and reds.

Evergreen Nook 6

I think this little farm area was my favorite, because it reminds me so much of my home.

I live in a rural area and there are farms and old barns everywhere.

I love the scarecrow out in the field and the round hay bales.

Evergreen Nook is well worth a visit.  🙂

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