Watercolors In The Rain – LEA29

Yesterday, while wandering around looking for good photography locations, I landed at LEA29.

Titled ‘Watercolors in the Rain,’ the sim is an homage to the book of the same name by David Lavigne.

According to the information at the landing point, the team of artists worked closely with Mr. Lavigne in designing the sim.

The sim has specific areas that are designed to look like places described in the novel, denoted by the presence of ‘Storybook Trees.’

As a literature fan, I was intrigued.

I’ve not read the novel, but I was curious and decided to have a peek.

At the beginning of the walk-through, I discovered there was a hunt – find all the white ravens in the various areas.

A hunt AND photographs?

Yes, please. 😀

So while I wandered around taking photos of the gorgeously decorated sim, I was also busy hunting ravens.

The first area is decorated as a small historical town.

Watercolors 1There’s a chemist, a photography studio, a sidewalk cafe, and various sidewalk vendors set up along the street.

There are a lot of details and it creates a wonderful atmosphere.

Flying is not enabled, so you have to meander through the town.

After resting my feet a bit at the sidewalk cafe, I wandered on.

I found a gorgeous pavilion and a cute little pie stand.

Just the thing for a cool fall afternoon – a slice of pie and something warm to drink. 🙂

Watercolors 2I was also delighted to discover as I wandered around that the little town included a bookseller.

After all, what’s a town without a bookstore?

After seeing all the sights (and finding all the ravens), I walked up the trail to the next section, the vacant mountaintop saloon.

As you wander up the hill, the landscape changes from crisp autumn to winter, with snow drifts appearing as you rise higher.

Watercolors 3The clues from the hunt direct you into the abandoned saloon.

After finishing this section, you take the hot air balloon ride to the next area.

I’ve never ridden in a hot air balloon in SL before, so it was a fun experience.

You are deposited at the next area, Aubrey’s Mansion.

The exterior of the mansion includes a lovely garden with a beautiful courtyard.

Watercolors 5You’re directed into the house to find the next raven, so I spent a few minutes peeking into all the rooms.

I love how mesh statues can add to the realism of decorations, but boy howdy, do they give me a fright sometimes!

After searching through the house and finding all the ravens, I was directed back outside.

A teleporter takes you to the next area – Angel’s Grove.

All the areas are really beautifully done, but Angel’s Grove was my favorite.

Watercolors 6Not only was the landscape beautiful, there was a game inside the hotel.

A word game!

My favorite!

I spent a few minutes trying my skills at unscrambling words, and then decided I’d better get on with the hunt.

Next up on the travel agenda was the Dark Forest.


Watercolors 7Everything had been so beautiful up to this point, I wasn’t sure what to expect.

I was a bit taken aback when I landed, as it was indeed a Dark Forest.

Thankfully, I didn’t have to spend too much time in it.

You enter a castle and after a long trek up some steep stairs, there is a lovely little winter area, complete with a carousel, a skating rink, and a cozy little seating area with a roaring fire.

I wandered through the rest of the areas, finally reaching the end.

I found all the ravens but one, and some of the gifts you receive look quite interesting. 🙂

It’s worth the walking just to see the beautiful landscaping and decorating.

I’m not sure how long the installation will be up, so stop by before it disappears.

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