What’s Your Dance Philosophy?

Kat&Mouse SOPA Logo WhiteWhen I decided to found the Kat & Mouse School of Performing Arts, I sat down to try and write out some of my thoughts, feelings, and approaches to dance in SL.

Everyone is in SL for their own reasons, and we all perform for our own reasons.

Thinking back to the first time I saw a dance show in SL, my immediate reaction was, “I want to do that!”

It looked like so much fun, especially since dance is something I love in RL as well.

I’ve been a fan of theater for as long as I can remember, especially musicals.

I love the dancing, the singing, the costumes – all of it.

So having the ability to dance in SL, wear gorgeous costumes, have fun – it was a dream come true.

I spent a lot of time ‘learning the ropes,’ but eventually branched out into doing my own choreography.

I’ve spent countless hours choreographing routines, finding costumes (sometimes making them!) and building sets.

Is everything about dancing in SL fun?

No, of course not.

So why do it?

That’s a question each dancer will have to answer for themselves.

Is it because you enjoy dance as an artistic expression?

Is it because you want to entertain audiences?

It is because you want to be rich and famous – an SL celebrity?

None of these reasons are right or wrong, but as a dancer, you should be aware of your motivation.

Dancing in SL is time-consuming, expensive, and very often, frustrating.

(Sorry if you thought you’d get rich dancing.)  😛

Are you looking to be a solo performer or do you want to perform in groups?

Do you like venues with large stages, or do you prefer more intimate venues?

Do you like variety-style shows or is burlesque more your thing?

When you start to dance, you’ll be a lot happier if you find a venue or troupe whose priorities are aligned with yours.

Although I’ve danced in many venues, I prefer smaller stages with a more intimate feel.

I like a wide variety of music, but I’m not a huge fan of techno or rap, so you won’t see very many routines with that kind of music from me.

Dancing is hard work, but it can be very rewarding.

I’ve met a lot of terrific people during my dancing career.

Oh, sure, I’ve run into a few divas, but by and large most of the people who dance are warm, friendly, and approachable.

One last note – though most people are nice, there will be times when you are criticized – whether it’s for your technique, your building skills, your music choice, whatever.

If you can’t take criticism, dancing may not be for you.

You have to develop a thick skin, as well as be able to recognize whether the criticism is meant to help or hurt.

If it’s meant to help, consider what was said.

Are there changes you could make that would help you improve?

If it’s meant to hurt, brush it off and move on.

It’s your SL, after all. 😀