The Main Event Show Lounge- New Burlesque Venue

Yesterday I was able to attend the opening show of The Main Event Show Lounge, a new burlesque venue owned by Lady C.

There was a nice little crowd for a new venue.

Lady C 1The venue is billed as a ‘classy art-deco style getaway with a speakeasy atmosphere.’

The build is smaller than many venues, which helps it feel more intimate.

The opening act was Lady C herself, dancing to ‘A Night Like This.’

Most of the songs were burlesque favorites, like ‘Sway,’ ‘Fever,’ and ‘Harlem Nocturne.’

The sets were very well done and the some of the costumes were fantastic.

After Lady C, Miss Bathory took the stage for a Jessica Rabbit-themed act to ‘Why Don’t You Do Right?’

Lady C 3The next act seemed to be a crowd favorite, with dancers Klarissa and Samantha.

I think there were more cat-calls during this act than I’ve heard at many construction sites. 😛

The guys were great sports about it and it was a very fun little number.

(That’s Klark in blue and Sam in pink, in case you were wondering.)

They danced to ‘Sisters’ by Bette Midler, and it looked like they were having a great time.

After the, ahem, sisters, left the stage, it was time again for Miss Bathory.

Lady C 4Dancing to Peggy Lee’s classic ‘Fever,’ she was resplendent in a fabulous red and gold costume.

I love the colors of this costume – a new spin on an old burlesque favorite, and it was fun to watch.

It’s always a challenge to try and get photos at a burlesque venue, because I have to get them quick, before pieces of the costumes disappear!

Following Miss Bathory, Lady C returned to the stage dancing to another burlesque favorite – Harlem Nocturne.

I’ve seen many dancers do this number, and I was expecting a black and white-themed act.

Lady C 5But no. 🙂

Instead it was red and white – and beautiful.

I love the giant rose and the huge ostrich feather fans of the set.

Lady C certainly does elegance and glamour well. 😀

The last act of the night was a duet dance with Lady C and Miss Bathory.

Lady C 6I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised by the show.

The sets were done well, the costumes were fabulous, and Lady C seems to have found a time slot on a Saturday that isn’t already filled with competing shows.

I’m not sure how often the venue will have shows, but if the opening was an indication of future events, I will definitely be adding it to my calendar!