Setting Goals for Success

Smart goals
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A few weeks ago I attended a seminar on using social media more effectively.

I had a lot of ‘aha’ moments – not necessarily because I learned anything I didn’t already know, but because I was forced to actually *think* about what my goals were.

When I started this blog, my goal was to write and have fun.

(Those are still my main goals, btw.)

But as the blog has grown, so have my dreams.

So how can I make my dreams a reality?

For me, simply by paying a bit more attention and by being more deliberate.

I don’t like to look at my stats every day or even every week.

It’s too easy for me to start trying to micromanage every little detail and then I become overwhelmed.

I picked two (relatively) small goals – both for this blog and my new shoe blog – I ❤ Shoes SL.

I made an editorial calendar – something I’d used before, but this time I designed it myself, so it had all the things *I* needed and wanted on it.

I wrote my goals at the top, so they are there as a constant reminder when I’m working on things.

What I’ve noticed so far?

Even though I haven’t made my goals (yet), I’m getting there.

I’m able to celebrate even small successes, like 1 more subscriber or 10 more daily page views.

I’ve stopped comparing myself to other blogs/bloggers, and I’m concentrating on what *I* am accomplishing.

Every ‘life coach’ out there will tell you to set goals – that’s nothing new.

But the idea of setting ‘measurable’ goals had sort of eluded me until now.

I’m amazed at what a difference it has made, not only in my approach, but in my mental state.

Because I have stopped comparing myself to others, I am able to more easily celebrate my own little successes – successes that likely would have passed unnoticed before.

And though this is a lesson I’ve learned before, it clearly is one that I need repeated.

This is something I need to carry over into my dancing in SL – comparing yourself to others is often just a road to frustration and upset.

Celebrate what *you* do that is successful – no matter how small it may seem.

Those baby steps are what will motivate you to keep learning and growing in your art.

Don’t forget to celebrate!!