Paramount’s Night Players

I’ve reviewed shows by the Paramount Theater before.

Some time ago, they launched a second show for their more risqué and avant garde performances.

Dubbed the ‘Night Players,’ they perform once a month.

Last night I happened to catch their latest performance.

The shows also have some of the same acts you can see at the Paramount.

Both theaters are on an adult sim, and frequently feature nudity.

If you’re easily offended, this is probably not the show for you.

Night Players 1It’s been a while since I attended one of their shows, so I was curious to see the acts.

The show started out with a performance to Joan Jett’s version of ‘Crimson and Clover.’

I do wish the performer’s had been a bit closer together, just to make pictures a tad easier. 😀

Night Players 2After the band cleared the stage, Lil Angels took the stage, dancing in a group to Tom Jones’ ‘Sex Bomb.’

This was one hot number!

I wish I could share pics of the fabulous costumes, but I’d have to censor all the good stuff. 😛

Next up was Path and Ariel (I think) in a set to Jerry Lee Lewis’ ‘Great Balls of Fire.’

There was no fire, but there was smoke.

I didn’t get any pics of this number (and probably couldn’t have used them anyway!).

Night Players 3After fiddling with my camera, I was able to get a good pic of Lotta and her group dancing to Nicki Minaj’s ‘Super Bass.’

Who doesn’t like ladies in latex, right?!

Following Lotta and the latex ladies was a dance to Queen Latifah’s ‘When You’re Good to Mama’ from the musical Chicago.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get a good shot of the dance to share. 😦

The last act of the night was Path and a new (to me) troupe dancer.

Night Players 4Set to a mix of songs, the set was an art studio.

At the beginning of the act, the dancers threw paint cans at each other, which was neatly executed.

The rest of the act was definitely ‘adult’ in nature.

Again, if you are easily offended, this is not the show for you.

Judging by the enthusiastic response from the audience, it was their favorite act of the evening.

In addition to their Night Players shows, they also perform regularly on Saturday evenings.

Join their group or subscriber to stay updated on happenings.

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  1. Thank you Kat. 🙂 I do want the Dance Community of SL to know that Night Players is open to all Dancers – not just the Paramount Troupe. A major objective to “NP” was and is to offer an opportunity to try out acts, test audience reaction, take the stage to quote poetry – – just about anything Creative. Thank you again for your Review. Path

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