Dreamers – LEA24

I had the opportunity over the weekend to visit the ‘Dreamers’ art installation by Cica Ghost.

Located on LEA24, visitors find themselves “in a surreal world canopied by a magical sky,” where “sixteen figures look upward to dream, and eight eagerly share their visions with visiting explorers.”

I always enjoy visiting the LEA sims and seeing what magical and amazing things others have created.  Then I get busy snapping pictures. In the past, I have played with various windlight settings, trying to put my own spin on what I’m seeing.

However, after spending a bit of time fussing around, I decided that the region windlight was perfect.  I plan to go back and visit again – it truly is a place for dreamers. 🙂

Dreamers 1

I loved the two butterfly trees on the beach.

Dreamers 2

A bird’s eye view of the dreamers.

Dreamers 3

The surreal wash of colors in the background is stunning.

Dreamers 4

The soft hues and the playful decor are impressive.

If you have some time to spare, do your soul a favor and visit Dreamers.


4 thoughts on “Dreamers – LEA24

  1. Did you visit the Dreamers’ dreams by clicking on the heads? It’s sort of a retrospective of many of Cica’s previous installations.

    1. I did! I didn’t visit all of them, but I did go to quite a few. I didn’t realize until I started writing about it that you could click on the heads, so I had to go back and check it out. 😛

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