Fusion Dance Crew – Cinematastic!

Saturday I attended the latest show from the Fusion Dance Crew, titled “Cinematastic!”

The dancers were asked to create routines to music from their favorite movies.

I love movies and I love dance, so going to this show was a no-brainer for me. 😀

FDC AVPThe show opened with a set from ‘Save the Last Dance’ (one of my favorite dance movies) – I was so engrossed in watching I forgot to snap some pics!

I did remember to get photos for the rest of the acts, however.

The second number was ‘Aliens vs. Predator’ and the set was spectacular.

The costumes were amazing and the choreography was well done.

After AVP, cuteness took over the stage.

FDC Happy FeetI’m a sucker for animal movies, and ‘Happy Feet’ is one of my favorites.

Plus, penguins are adorable!

You can’t tell from the photo, of course, but even the penguins in the background were animated.

Such a cute routine. 😀

After the penguins was ‘You Can Leave Your Hat On’ – a Tom Jones version I’d never heard before.

FDC Full MontyI did snap several pics, but only got one that’s PG enough to share on the blog.

It was, as advertised, definitely ‘The Full Monty’!

(insert wolf whistle here)

There were quite a few tongues wagging and ladies fanning themselves by the end of this one. 😛

I must confess, I wasn’t looking forward to the next act, simply because it was ’50 Shades of Grey.’

However, despite my reservations, it was, as always with FDC, a well-done routine.

FDC PocahantasUnfortunately, due to rez issues, I didn’t get a good snap of it. 😦

Next up was Ric doing a Pocahontas routine.

I’ve known Ric for a long time, and he is always the consummate performer.

This routine was pure Ric, and purely delightful.

The last routine of the evening was the finale from Footloose – a perfect choice for the end of the show.

FDC FootlooseFootloose is one of my all-time favorite dance movies (isn’t it everyone’s?) and I loved the set and the costumes.

The girls in their pretty dresses, the boys decked out in their finest, and pure dancing fun had by all.

Another well-produced show by the folks at FDC. 😀

I can’t wait to see what they come up with next!

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