Slow Motion Animations

I mentioned in a previous post that I used the ‘slow motion animations’ option to help me capture the effect I wanted in a photo.

I assumed everyone knew how to do this, but since Path asked me, I thought I would share it here.

It’s really simple, just a few clicks.

I’m not sure if this works the same in the official viewer, since I use Firestorm, but I’m sure it’s similar.

Developer MenuFor Firestorm, you must have the Developer menu enabled.

To access the Developer menu, hit Ctrl+Alt+Q to toggle the menu on.

Once you have the Developer menu, go down to Avatar.

When you highlight the Avatar option, you will see another menu pop out.

Slide your mouse over onto that menu window and select Animation Speed.

When Animation Speed is selected, you will see a third menu pop out.

At the bottom of that menu, you will see the Slow Motion Animations option.

Click that, and you will now see animations in slow motion.

Slow Motion AnimationsPlease note that everyone else will still see the animations at the regular speed, only you will see them in slow motion.

However, it’s a nice tool to use in certain situations, particularly when you are trying to capture a shot.

You could use this at a dance show to help you capture the photo you want of a dancer.

You can use it as I did, to animate yourself and then capture a photo.

Play with it, use your imagination, go wild!


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  1. This along with freeze frame were the first useful tricks I learned for photography long ago. When FS moved it around and I asked the group where it was located now no one could imagine why I would ever want to use it, not even the moderators. But thank goodness it’s still there.

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