Opportunity Knocked

Image Source: thegamesgonecrazy.blogspot.com

I’ve been kind of lax the last few days (ok, weeks) about posting here, other than my LOTD posts.

Partly because I haven’t had much to say (shocker, right?!), and partly because RL has been taking up more of my time.

I think (hope) that things are on an even keel now, so I can settle in and start working.

For the last month or so I’ve been working on a few different projects, and yesterday I had a few more opportunities present themselves.

I love it when the universe works like that for me – you dig in and start working on things you need and suddenly opportunities you hadn’t expected appear. 😀

So while it may look like I haven’t been busy, I have!

One of my recent projects was to open a new blog about one of my favorite things in SL – Shoes!!

If you like shoes, or love shoes, or think of them as your children, this is the blog for you. 😛

Check it out here – I ❤ Shoes SL.

I’m currently working on a page of listings with the names/SLURLS/websites of shoe stores, so if you have a favorite I should include, please let me know.

I have noticed that there aren’t a lot of offerings for guys in the shoe department (or elsewhere), so guys, if you have a favorite store – tell me!

I recently joined an SL book club (hallelujah!) and I had an amazing time talking with other SLers about one of my other favorite things – books.

With all my new projects, time management has become a real challenge.

My inner list-maker/to-do writer is screaming with joy. 😛

I have blog posts to write, photos to take, books to read, events to check out, and a house that needs cleaned.

What to do first? 😀