Germany fights Facebook thus perhaps paving the way for using pseudonyms

I find it interesting that Facebook continues to insist that users use their ‘real names,’ when clearly, LOTS of users don’t want to. While it’s certainly Facebook’s right to set their TOS as they want, it seems to be a TOS at odds with many of their ‘real’ users.
I’ll be interested to see if this actually changes anything or not. Same song, different day.

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The Hamburg data protection authority is confronting Facebook on its ‘real name policy and telling the social media site that it can’t demand its users to provide them with a photo ID.

The German regulator said that this violates the right to privacy and in a statement (click here to read, in German) could not force users to send them copies of their official identification papers nor could it force them to change their chosen names to real names.

These real name rules have been making things very hard for people who for one reason or another prefer to use a name that is not their official one or one not recognised by Facebook.
Artists, transgender men and women, American natives, people hiding from abusive relationshiips and of course those of us with a virtual identity.

Many of us at one time or another have had our profiles deleted by Facebook because…

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