Where Do You Shop?

EventsI’ve been reading with interest a new series of blog posts from Auryn Beorn regarding resources for new merchants.

She’s only written a couple of posts so far, but I’m finding it fascinating reading.

After reading her latest article, I was scanning through recent blog posts in my reader.

I saw yet another notice of a store moving to Marketplace only.

It got me to wondering – is Marketplace replacing mainstores in SL?

I know that cost is almost certainly a factor, given the price of land/rentals.

It also seems that events (where there are lots of different merchants in one location) are much more popular than mainstore shopping.

There have been a few events that have attempted to get shoppers back in stores (The Mix, currently running its July round, is one of them).

However, the general consensus from what I’ve read in various places (forums, social media networks, etc.) seems to be that events work and mainstores are just a money drain.

I am a little surprised by this, but clearly I am in the minority.

Given that the most popular complaint about SL besides land cost is lag, I don’t understand why shopping at a large event where the lag is generally horrible is preferable to shopping at a mainstore.

Some of the more popular events (like Uber, Collabor88, FaMESHed, etc.) are so jam-packed that it’s often several days before I can even get in.

When I first heard about Mix, I thought it was a great idea.

I loved the thought of not having to fight horrible crowds and laggy conditions just to do a bit of shopping (especially considering that sometimes I don’t even make a purchase at the event).

Plus, I had the ability to look around the store and see other items the creator had for sale.

If I like one item, I’ll probably like two or three.

I use Marketplace quite a bit, but generally only when I am looking for something specific – like a certain costume for a routine, or a certain accessory, etc.

Which isn’t always that easy (or successful), given the horrible search functions on Marketplace.

So, I thought I’d do a quick survey and see if I’m (as usual) standing over in left field by myself. 🙂

Where do you prefer to shop and why?

Please share the poll – the more responses the better!

15 thoughts on “Where Do You Shop?

  1. I can’t shop at events until a week in because of lag but I also lag at most main stores as well. I usually check on a stores marketplace before I go to the mainstore so I can find stuff while standing at home where I don’t lag. I think a lot of stores decorate too much and at times the lag can be just as bad as at an event. Marketplace is convenient and has no lag. If it was better organized it would be awesome!

    1. Yes, I think everyone would agree that Marketplace would be better with some changes to the search functions, lol. I’m still trying to get into Uber, dang it!

      1. I don’t even bother trying until I look on the map and there’s noone there haha then I know that I’ll be able to rez and walk around, anything before that and I wont be able to shop properly haha

          1. haha yeah I do that as well but Aussie internet syndrome still hates rezzing unless a place is completely empty. I wish I knew why. It’s funny, I can turn graphics down to low, derez people and the build and still the things that I want to buy will still take half an hour to load lol it’s frustrating. I dream of the day where I live in an area with cable internet lolol

  2. I don’t even go to those big events unless there is something I know I would be interested in. Uber is the laggiest place on the grid as far as I am concerned! I crash out constantly there and can’t even cam around without crashing. I usually check what’s at the events on the Seraphim blog, since they so kindly put all the information there with images to boot. If I’m interested in something I go with the Seraphim page open and do area search for the item immediately I land. http://seraphimsl.com/, although I am sure you are familiar with their blog.

    Marketplace is pretty hard to search given that people seem to tag their items with every tag they can think of, quite often totally unrelated to what the item actually is. But most times if I find anything on MP that I am interested in and they have an inworld store I will go there to purchase in order to save them paying the commission. Plus often you get a better idea of the item in the store although not always. Also some stores actually increase their prices on MP to cover the commission they pay to LL.

    A lot of creators move their items to MP when for all intents and purposes they leave SL. Sadly there is some pretty ancient stuff on MP which further makes searching there iffy at times.

    1. That is my biggest complaint about the MP of all, Jo. You search women’s hats and it shows you 500 pairs of mens sneakers… I figured it’s probably because the designer doesn’t speak English so they don’t know what the words are they are using to tag, but more likely they just want everyone to see their stuff. So it’s some sort of childish “look at me, look at me” ploy. It would be great if the MP’s boolean search (if they even use one) has a way to weed the “crap” out because I use MP the most of all because I can do it without logging in. Though I’ve found some of my fave designers don’t use the MP a’tall. I prefer Events to the stores bc of time. I don’t spend a lot of time in SL, so I don’t want to spend a lot of time going place to place, waiting to rez, find or don’t find something and moving to the next store. Events are more like shopping mall experiences and I can TP one place and pick up items from multiple designers and only have to rez one time. I just wish most events would have an early “bloggers” day or have a SIM abutting their SIM so bloggers can “shop from afar” because seriously, it’s silly to keep a person that is going to advertise your event for free from being able to advertise your event.

      1. I think that many MP sellers just keyword stuff and there doesn’t seem to be much policing going on. I had read somewhere that with the new VMM switch, some of the really old stuff would be going away. We’ll see. I like MP because I can shop without having to be in world, but sometimes it’s still faster to shop while logged in.
        As for early access, one of the blogger groups I’m in often gets early access to events and I take advantage whenever I can. Unfortunately, Uber doesn’t. I still haven’t managed to get in after 4 days now. :-/

        1. I have that “let me in” HUD. I don’t use it often, just when I see some really neat stuff I want to blog. I think I’ve used it about 4 times so far in the almost year I have owned it.

            1. yeah I used it bc I wanted to get in the arcade gacha once, but I don’t really gacha anymore. But I did use it for Uber this round and I found a few things I really like. 🙂

    2. I use Seraphim all the time! It does save a ton of time and hassle, especially if there isn’t anything I want to purchase. Which is the same reason I use MP, but it usually doesn’t turn out that way. And yes, I have noticed that some of my favorite designers don’t have a MP store. 😦

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