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ATP Good Omens LogoOne of my favorite events opened yesterday and I can’t wait to show you some more of the amazing items available!

Good Omens centers around the arrival of the Anti-Christ, and thus the Apocalypse.

Two of the main characters are Crowley (a demon) and Aziraphale (an angel).

Crowley is described as “an Angel who did not so much Fall as Saunter Vaguely Downwards.” (pg. ix)

Crowley has grown attached to Earth and humans and keeps trying to convince his superiors that, if left alone, humans devise many more ways to harm each other than any demon could ever imagine.

During his long tenure on Earth, Crowley has come to a sort of ‘gentleman’s agreement’ with his Heavenly counterpart, Aziraphale.

Aziraphale is quite a contrast to Crowley (as expected), and upon meeting him, according to the novel, people “formed three impressions: that he was English, that he was intelligent, and that he was gayer than a tree full of monkeys on nitrous oxide.” (pg. 103)

Only one of these is true.

(I’ll let you read the book and find out for yourself. 😀 )

Anachron (one of my favorite creators) has designed a slew of goodies just for men!

For both Aziraphale and Crowley, there is an Ancient Hero outfit, a Formal Fantasy suit, and a Noble House outfit for you to choose from.

Park Place (another favorite!) put together an amazing set of decor items, based on Aziraphale’s bookstore.

Aziraphale isn’t really interested in selling books, but rather collecting them.

The novel tells us he uses “every means short of physical violence to prevent customers from making a purchase. Unpleasant damp smells, glowering looks, erratic opening hours — he [is] incredibly good at it.” (pg. 43)

The decor items from Park Place are based on the descriptions of the back room of Aziraphale’s shop, and I think they are spot on!

ATP Good Omens Aziraphale Desk Set

“The back room of his bookshop contains a table, chairs, and likely someplace to store copious amounts of alcohol, as he and Crowley have a proclivity for going back there for the sake of getting completely plastered and waxing philosophically on whatever suits their fancy” (pg. 47)

The set includes the desk, chair, bookcase, stack of books, rug, Agnes Nutter’s notes and book, scattered books, and some books of prophecy.

I love the worn wooden textures of the desk and the chair has very nice male and female sits in it.

Each piece is separate, so you can rez them where/how you like.

Aziraphale is wearing the Formal Fantasy suit from Anachron – I love the look of the vest with the long jacket.

It’s mesh and comes in 5 standard sizes – it’s all one piece, so it speeds up time spent faffing with your wardrobe. 😛

Thrown over the back of Aziraphale’s chair, you’ll see another fantastic item – the Miamai Aziraphale hat.

If you’re a hat person, Miamai has both Aziraphale’s hat (in 3 different colors) and a hat for Crowley as well (again in 3 colors).

In addition, Aziraphale’s hat comes with halo/no halo options (the no halo hat is pictured here) and the Crowley version has horns/no horns options.

As an avid reader myself, I always pictured Aziraphale curled up in a nook, poring over his (well, sort of) copy of Agnes Nutter’s Prophecies.

ATP Good Omens Aziraphale Book

Rook and 22769 created items that fit my mental image perfectly.

This comfy wingback reading chair from Rook has a stand pose built-in (seen here), as well as a an additional seated pose (click on the book stack for it).

I love the look of 22769’s creation – such an important book as The Nice and Accurate Prophecies of Agnes Nutter deserves a special place. 😀

If you haven’t read Good Omens and you like satire and sarcasm (because, who doesn’t?!), you should purchase a copy today.

(Also, if you’re British, you’ll probably understand more of the jokes than I did, a poor Yank who’s never seen the M25.)

Stop by the Library and pick up some (or all) of these gems for yourself!