“Imagine” Dance Show

Yesterday I was finally able to make it to the “Imagine” dance show put on by the team at Extravadanza.

I got there a few minutes early and spent some time camming around, looking at the builds.

(I like to peek, what can I say? 😛 )

The builds were UH – MAY – ZING!

Peter Pan

The show is based on various Disney movies and some pieces of the builds were exact replicas – very well done.

At the landing point, there were little vignettes of some of the movies – Cinderella, Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs, and Peter Pan and the gang.

Disney, of course, is a master at storytelling, and the acts in the show captured the spirit of Disney.

You travel around the sim via a magic carpet to the different scenes.

The carpet master (Jiminy Cricket) gives out some helpful advice before the show starts.

I lowered my graphics, my draw distance, and particles, as well as derendering most of the audience.

I didn’t want to miss any shots because of lag!


The first carpet stop was actually “Under the Sea,” so make sure to take a snorkel and/or some scuba gear. 😛

Diiar played Ariel, swimming around gracefully in her underwater abode.

The set was very detailed, with schools of fish swimming through Ariel’s collected bits and bobs.

There were some very nice particle effects, but I did have to adjust my lighting a bit to be able to see everything clearly.

Above this set there was a rock promontory with Sebastian and Flounder, as well as a mesh statue of Ariel.

Based on a story by Hans Christian Andersen (which is a tad darker than the Disney version), this was a little trip down memory lane for me.

My daughter loved watching The Little Mermaid when she was younger.

Snow White
Snow White and her new posse?

Next up on the playbill was Snow White and the  – cats?

I’m not sure what happened to the dwarves.

Perhaps they were busy whistling and working at the mines?

Sarah Elizabeth Brenham was a beautiful Snow White and the cats were creepily adorable. 🙂

Happily, the Wicked Queen did not put in appearance, so the performance went smoothly.

I think the lag monster was rearing its ugly head for me during this act, because I was having trouble with the lighting.

However, I switched my windlight settings and managed to grab a few decent pics before we were whooshed away to the next scene.

I like the concept of the audience moving to the various sets, as it lets the performers cache and rez before the audience arrives.

However, I sometimes found it hard to know where to focus (as happened at their Christmas show as well), because there is so much going on.

The conductor – er, cricket, did give us a couple of ‘heads up’ warnings, but I couldn’t help thinking that a scripted camera option might be extremely helpful.

For many people, camming around in laggy situations is a sure-fire way to cause a crash.


After leaving Snow White, we headed into Never Never Land.

First we encountered Tinkerbell in her faerie home.

The set design of this act was very well done.

I loved the light beams and the glowing flowers.

The effort and details put into the acts to replicate Disney’s magic was spot on.

After watching Tink flitter and fly about, it was off to see Peter Pan, the Lost Boys, and Cap’n Hook!

While I enjoyed this scene tremendously, I did find it hard to follow.

Ahoy, Cap’n!

The pirates were on the pirate ship (thank you, Captain Obvious), but Wendy and the Lost Boys were dancing up above, which I didn’t realize until about halfway through the act.

So, I missed getting any decent pics of that part of the act.

They even had the ticking crocodile in this scene!

The particle effects were very well done as well, though at some point I somehow turned mine up to over 6000.

So, once I discovered that, I turned them down so I could actually see the acts. 😀

After the Lost Boys and the Pirates settled their differences, it was off to the first castle on the tour.

Let It Go

Dancing to Demi Lovato’s version of ‘Let It Go,’ Aelva was a beautifully frozen Elsa.

(She’s in there, I promise.  This is where I discovered my particles were set off the charts!)

The frozen castle was another amazingly detailed set.

I wish more of it had been incorporated into the act.

After Elsa’s ice castle, it was time to warm up a bit.

A short magic carpet ride later, we were in the land of 1001 Nights.

This was about the halfway point of the show.

Again, I was amazed at how well some of the Disney magic was duplicated here.

A Friend Like Me

The genie is my favorite character in Aladdin (because I love Robin Williams), and I was happy to see him make an appearance.

The mesh statues of the genie popped in and out at various parts of the act and there were several set changes.

There were the requisite harem girls along with the genie and, of course, Aladdin and Jasmine.

Aladdin and Jasmine had their own flying carpet, and the music was a montage of various songs from the movie.

After leaving the warm sands of the desert, it was off to see Rapunzel.

Tangled was another Disney favorite at my house.

Sadly, I didn’t manage to get any decent pics of this act because I was called away in RL.

Rapunzel's Tower

I did hang around after the show and snuck in a few shots while the sim was a bit less laggy.

I love the look of the tower, with the soft glow of light coming from the window.

Even if you aren’t able to make it to one of the shows, it’s worth visiting the sim just to see the builds.

After Rapunzel’s tower, the carpet led us up the river to a small Indian village.

This scene was very well done, with the native dancers arriving via canoe.

They paddled up to the shore, landed, and then began their dance.

The natives appear restless

I loved the costumes in this one – I almost bought the headdress myself when I saw it at an event a while ago.

I took more shots than I can include in the blog post, so make sure you head over to my Flickr to check them all out. 🙂

After seeing so many Disney memories, I wondered whether there would be any other sets based on movies from my childhood, rather than some of the more recent ones.

I was in luck – the next stop on the carpet ride was Aurora’s lovely forest cottage.

Sleeping Beauty was one of my favorite Disney movies as a child (second only to Bambi).

Sleeping Beauty
Once Upon a Dream

I always thought the dwarves in Snow White were a little creepy, but I loved the dragon and the fight scene in Sleeping Beauty.

The couples dances in this scene were very well put together.

The particle effects added to the magical feel of the set.

The song from the movie included some speaking parts, so the choreographer including some nice poses during those moments.

After watching the lovely Aurora, it was time to head on to the penultimate stop of the show.

This time the magic carpet took us out of the forest and into the jungle.

The Jungle Book was another favorite of mine as a child.

Jungle Book
Going ape

My favorite characters were Shere Khan and Kaa. 😀

And who could resist tapping their feet when Baloo sings “The Bear Necessities”?

The choreography and the costumes in this one were a sight to see.

After a short stint in the jungle, it was off to see the finale of the show.

The finale was held at the second castle of the tour.

Again, the builds are simply amazing.

My pictures don’t do them justice.

Disney Magic

The finale was Cinderella and her Prince, along with many of the cast members from the other scenes.

I didn’t get any decent shots of the finale because Jiminy Cricket was a stubborn cloud for most of them. 😦

I stayed after the show and played around with various windlights trying to get a good shot of the castle.

If you missed the show this weekend, don’t despair!

There are three more shows next weekend – July 10 at 9pm SLT, and July 11 and 12 at 12pm (noon) SLT.

There is a scene from Beauty and the Beast listed in the program that was not performed when I went to the show, so I may go back and attend again myself to see that act.

I did see Belle and Lumière (the candelabra) in the finale, and the costumes were incredible. 😀

When you go, make sure to sign the guest book and pick up a free copy of the program.

Enjoy the Disney magic!


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