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Dance Dictionary
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Inspired by a recent post by Huckleberry Hax about his SL Dictionary of Virtual Experience: Inventory, I decided to come up with some new words for an SL dance dictionary.

I love words and wordplay – inventing these was a ton of fun.

Maybe I’ll come up with some SL puns next. 😛

Without further ado, the SL Dance Dictionary:

Divaphobia:  the fear of having to work with a diva

Ichabodancer:  a dancer who is wearing a mesh body that doesn’t rezz and appears as a dancing head to the audience

Slip-n-Glide:  moving avatars who appear to glide across the floor while dancing

Brokankles:  oddly shaped/bent ankles caused by dance animations

Distadancer:  a dancer who remains at the far back of the stage during the entire routine

Lagvoidance:  avoiding a particular venue because the lag is always terrible

Facenova:  someone who insists on wearing a facelight made with halogen bulbs the size of the sun

Crashdancer:  a dancer who repeatedly crashes during a performance

Camversion:  the act of avoiding camming around a venue for fear you will cause yourself to crash

Assisticurtains:  people who try to be helpful by opening the curtains, causing the curtains to open and close multiple times during a routine

Invisidancer:  when you’re told to set to midnight, but the set isn’t lit and you can’t see the dancer

Ghost Movers:  when extra movers appear on the stage that aren’t supposed to be there

Déja View:  when you think you’ve seen a routine before, but you can’t remember for sure

Avahorde:  when there are so many avatars at a venue that you can’t get in, or if you get in, you can’t move

Peekaboob:  when a dancer wears a mesh costume and a physics layer, causing their boobs to peek in/out of their costume as they dance

Those are my contributions – what do you think?

Do you have any words I should add to my dance dictionary?

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  1. What a great post!!! Laugh out loud funny!!! Thank you, Kat!!! 🙂

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