9 thoughts on “Mesh Head Poll Results

  1. If your purpose is mainly photos then for sure i would get the logo, despite its price and arc.
    But buying both can be a good choice even a high spending one.

    1. ARC stands for Avatar Rendering Cost. It’s a calculation of how much work your computer must do in order to render (show) things correctly/fully. So something with a high ARC will take longer (and more computing power) to render than something with a low ARC.
      It’s not a perfect calculation, but I use it as indicator of whether the item may cause unnecessary lag.

      1. Thanks for the comprehensive answer. It helps. How would you calculate it, if you don’t mind me asking?

        1. I don’t calculate it, as such, the viewer does. Go to the Advanced Menu > Performance Tools > Show Render Weight for Avatars. This will show a number above your head, which is your avatar’s ARC (everything you are wearing). To get the ARC of a particular item, I take off the item, note the new ARC figure, and then calculate the difference.
          Again, not a perfect science, but at least gives you an idea.

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