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    1. LMAO, Path! I know, I know – I resisted initially at first too. But – they’re just soooo much easier to use when taking photos!! I doubt seriously I would ever use them to dance – mesh hands and feet cause enough problems!

  1. I don’t think any of them are there yet. I don’t think the LL head is too bad for doing photo editing. It’s just around the nose I think, although the ears leave a lot to be desired but are often covered by hair. I used to hate doing the jaggies around the shoulders and legs and fixing the “square” boobs etc. You have to love the liquify tool!

    Just as the first mesh bodies needed improving so eventually will the heads be more acceptable to everyone. But frankly “getting dressed” is a right pain now with all the complications of mesh body parts and appliers etc. For a newbie it must be so overwhelming.

    If mesh heads make the dance scene some of us won’t even get to see dancing heads! It will merely be a set and just like going to an art gallery with a series of huge shadow boxes with musical accompaniment.

    1. Honestly, I’m wondering if mesh lovers will be the first to jump ship to Sansar, lol. I do love the liquify tool, but I’d much rather not have to use it, because I’m lazy. 😛
      And you’re right – getting dressed is a total pain anymore. Alpha out your system bod, wear your mesh body, add your clothes, adjust all the alphas (if possible) so there are no pokey bits, add feet, hands, shoes, jewelry, hair, makeup – and it takes even longer if you need appliers for hands/feet/makeup! And a mesh head just adds to it all. Part of the reason I have outfit folders, to at least cut down on some of the hassle.
      I can’t see mesh heads taking over the dance scene. I have a decent computer and what rezzes and what doesn’t is so random. For instance, I could see everyone in a dance number perfectly, except for one dancer whose hair would not rezz?!

  2. Hi Kat – I agree with you about the decision. I didn’t blog the Cocoa look in the first link I’m putting in below, but the second link I blogged how I got the Logo Alex head to blend with my Lara body using the Glam Affair skins. One tiny word of caution about the Logo head, it’s lovely, but don’t wear it to a crowded sim, any type of lag detection will flag you with it on. All my best to you!



    1. I did not test the heads to see what the ARC of each was – I knew they would be ridiculously high. 😛 And I wouldn’t wear it to anyplace busy – I don’t even wear my mesh body to busy places. 🙂 Cute pics!

  3. LOL. I have tons of outfit folders too but when I put one on, damn those slink hands match the last outfit I had on. At one point I had three copies of slink hands in different folders matched to the three skins I wore with links to the different folders. I gave up and just wear one skin now so my slink hands and feet always match.

    Of course if I wear an older outfit ( I have a some longtime faves) with Slink appendages I get sent update versions which do not have the version in the name which annoys me intensely. Same with Glamistry shoes. Put on an older outfit and the shoe hud won’t work but sends you a new pair of shoes, again with exactly the same name as the original. I need to get in there and delete all the old outfits and remake them again with new slink hands and feet and also any with Glamistry shoes. Sighs. There are much more fun things to do with my SL time!

    1. Yeah, I went through that a month or so ago with slink. I didn’t know Glamistry did that, darn it. I LOVE those shoes! I did the same thing with my skins and slink hands/feet too. And then if I throw a mesh head into the mix, my real head may explode, lol. We may not have looked as good with system clothes, but everything fit and getting dressed was a lot easier!!

  4. Well hi always use a mesh body+hands and feet, = Kl perky body and My arc is always less then 17000. And also on crowded sims mesh takes always less time to rezz then sculpted hair, but i removed all the scripts from my mesh attachments, so i have diff folders, each with a shape, mesh body and physics layer adjusted for the mesh clothes i use for each outfit and the clothes as well.
    On mesh heads im still waiting for improvements before i start to think in getting one.

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