Starlite Theater Show

Last night I attended Starlite Theater’s last summer show.

The theater will be dark for a few months while some remodeling takes place.

I arrived about 30 minutes early for the show and was surprised at how quickly it filled up.

Starlite Vaudeville 1

With just a few minutes to showtime, there were 99 people on sim.

Unfortunately, with that many people, lag is inevitable.

The first number started about 15 minutes late as we waited for the lag to subside.

I tried to take pictures, but was afraid to cam around too much for fear of crashing.

I did manage to snap a few of the first number, a trio of short vaudeville numbers.

Starlite Vaudeville 2

There were still a few issues, as some of the costumes and body parts weren’t rezzing for everyone.

I saw the first two dances with no problems, but one of the dancers in the last bit of the trio remained stubbornly bald. 😦

Sadly, I don’t remember which songs they danced to, but the number was cute and well-choreographed, as usual.

There was a showgirl dancing on stage between each piece of the trio.

However, by the time her corset rezzed for me, the number was over.

I really enjoyed the short little numbers.

Starlite Vaudeville 3The vintage vaudeville-type acts are one of Izzy’s strong suits. 🙂

The last number of the trio was my favorite, with the dancers dressed in plaid hobo suits.

The dancers were troopers through the whole number, despite the lag issues.

Unfortunately, there was apparently another lag spike and another delay after the opening number.

After waiting another 15 minutes for things to settle, the show continued.

Sadly, I didn’t get any pics of the second number.

Starlite DeynaThe third act was a number by Deyna Broek to a song by the Pussycat Girls.

I’d tell you which song, but I can’t remember, darn it!

The lighting in the pic doesn’t do the number justice, as I didn’t spend my usual time fussing with the photos for fear I would crash and not get any.

I only had an hour free to attend the show.

As the next number hit the stage, RL was calling and I had to leave.

The few numbers I did see were well done, as usual.

After the theater reopens (in August, I believe), make sure you try to catch one of their shows.

Mark your calendars for Mondays at 7pm SLT.

Be sure to arrive early to allow time for everything to cache and rez!!