Twitter Report

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A couple of weeks ago, I discovered Twitter Cards and that I needed one. 😛

So, after a few weeks of using them, I went back to check and see if they had an impact on my interactions on Twitter.

When I started using the cards on May 18, my stats showed the following:

  • 13 Tweets
  • 63 Impressions
  • 2 URL clicks

Not terrible, but I could certainly do better.

About halfway through, on May 23, my stats were:

  • 19 Tweets
  • 349 Impressions
  • 2 URL clicks

As of yesterday, May 31, my stats were:

  • 15 Tweets
  • 93 Impressions
  • 1 URL click

I have tried to be a bit more active on Twitter, which may have led to some of the increases.

However, going from 63 impressions to 349 is a pretty big jump, so perhaps the Twitter Cards did have an impact.

Clearly, I need to work on getting more URL clicks, but so far, I’m happy with the increase in engagement.

For the first couple of days after activating the Twitter Cards, tweets were not showing the images as they were supposed to – it apparently takes the system a few days to get going once they are activated.

Since I wasn’t seeing the change, for the first 3-4 days, I was also scheduling tweets (with pictures) using TweetDeck.

If you’re blogging with WP, activating the Twitter Cards was a fairly simple process, and having your posts go out as automatic Tweets saves time. 🙂

My next project is to experiment a bit with the time of day for my tweets and see if that has an impact on engagement.

I’ve also decided to give Plurk a try, so if you’re on Plurk, go easy on me!!