Photography and Flickr

Does anyone besides me think it’s hilarious that Flickr’s logo is a pink and blue ball? 😛

For quite some time I resisted getting a Flickr account.

I finally caved and I’m actually glad I did, my loathing of Yahoo aside.

There’s a very active SL community of artists on Flickr, and I’m always discovering new and creative people.

I can follow someone who takes landscape photos and find gorgeous sims to explore or use to take my own pics.

I can follow someone who takes creative avatar portraits and find inspiration.

And while Flickr is easier to navigate than other sites I’ve tried recently, there are still things I don’t understand.

I know that Yahoo just recently updated Flickr, though I don’t really notice much different myself.

Flickr Pro

Some people pay for a ‘premium’ account.

A Pro account isn’t even available anymore, and I didn’t see any huge benefits that would entice me to pay even if it was.

I rarely view the home page of Flickr, so I can’t say that I even notice the ads much.

Are there still ‘Pro’ users of Flickr?

Can you ‘downgrade’ your subscription to free?

Easy Viewing?

I love the People page, which lets me view the recent photos of people I follow.

Why is there no option for this with the groups I’m in?

Unless I’m missing something, the only way I can see the recent photos of the groups I’m in is to go to each individual group and view their pool.

That’s just ludicrous.

There should be a way to aggregate the photos in your groups for easier viewing.

(I’m always looking for new groups, so if you know of one you think I should join, let me know!)

Adding Photos to Groups

Speaking of groups, is there a rule of thumb for how many groups you should post a pic to?

I try to only put my pic in appropriate groups (I’m a rules follower 😛 ), but sometimes I find that I could put the pic in 20+ groups.

I usually end up limiting it to 10 or less.

Is there a rule of thumb for how many groups you can/should post your pics to?

I mean, I want my pics to get more exposure, but putting a pic in a bazillion groups just because I could seemed – wrong.

Product Pics?

Before I joined, I read the TOS.

I’m pretty sure I remember reading that you’re not supposed to put ads for your products on your photostream.

Yet I see vendor ads everywhere.

I enjoy seeing the new products, but I find it curious that Flickr doesn’t seem to mind people violating their TOS.

Maybe it’s because the ads are for virtual products and not RL ones?

File Sizes

I know you can post your pics from SL directly to Flickr, but I don’t usually do that.

I like to take my photos at pretty high resolutions and then play around with them in Photoshop.

I also generally crop them down and/or make a .jpeg copy rather than a .png to keep the file size small.

Is there a generally accepted file size or format for Flickr pics?

Or is it just free-for-all, whatever-you-like-goes?


I’ve also noticed that there doesn’t seem to be a standard among photographers for the licenses they use on their photos.

For example, the ‘rules’ of the SL Official group say that you grant them the right to use your photos in all manner of ways.

So does the fact that you put it in that group supersede the ‘all rights reserved’ license on the photo?

Or is it pretty much like the rest of the internet, where everything is up for grabs (or so people think)?

As someone who writes, I am very conscious of giving credit where I should (and when in doubt, I credit).

If any of you are regular Flickr users and have some answers to all these questions, leave ’em in the comment box.  😀


4 thoughts on “Photography and Flickr

  1. Hey Kat! Good questions, all. I can answer a couple at least!

    – There’s no hard limit to how many groups you can add a photo to, but it can be really tedious to add a photo to a lot of them. The best way I’ve found is to do open up the picture from your photostream and click the Add to Group link. It’s much faster than using the Organizr or going to each individual group and using the Add Photo button.

    – Here’s a list of the sizes that your Flickr images will be resized to: So what that means is that if you upload a picture that’s got a width of 1200px, it will be resized to 1024px width. 1700px width will resize down to 1600px width, and so on. To prevent the resizing, I’m starting to upload all my images with a standard width of 1600px. That way they display exactly as uploaded. It’s a large file size, to be sure, but it tends to produce better quality photos IMO.

    – These are the Flickr licenses: I read somewhere that “Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike Creative Commons” is the best license for SL bloggers because it allows people to share your photos on their blog with the understanding that they must provide a link back to the original photo on your Flickr account, and ideally give you a photo credit as well.

    Hope this helps! As for group aggregation, there’s no way possible as far as I’m aware but I’m kinda figuring out a work around that I’ll blog about soon. 🙂

    1. I have been adding groups when I upload the photos. It’s not that I find adding the photo to groups tedious, but rather was wondering if there was some ‘unwritten rule’ about the number of groups to add your photo to. I’ve seen photos in only one or two groups, and photos in 150+ groups. 😛 As for the sizes, I resize mine to 1024, so I should be good on the sizing. I take my photos at 6000px, so I don’t want to upload files that large. 🙂 I’ve been doing Attribution-NonCommercial for licenses, but was just curious if there was a standard. Can’t wait to see if you figure out a workaround for the groups aggregator – that’s my biggest peeve about Flickr. I read about adding an rss feed for the photos to a reader, but I couldn’t get it to work with Feedly. 😦

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