The Death of a BUG

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Well, chalk up another first for me.

After posting my article about the problem with shadows, I was advised to file a ‘BUG’ report with LL.

Eeek – that sounds way too formal and techie for me.

But, I did it!

I filed my first ever bug report – it even got its own name and everything. 😛

I had to use the LL Viewer (ugh) to make sure it was happening in that viewer as well.

So, I’ve been watching my little BUG to see what happens.

I couldn’t believe that I was the first one to notice this problem.

Annnndddd – I wasn’t.  -.-

I got an email saying that my little BUG was a duplicate of another BUG.

So I went to the “BUG Tracker” to see what was going on.

Sure enough, my BUG was a duplicate of another BUG that was filed by someone else – back in 2014.

Actually, two different people had filed BUGs about this issue back in 2014.

And both of those BUG reports led me to another report about the same issue, dated 2010.




No wonder I didn’t get a lot of responses from other users.

Here I was thinking I’m doing something wrong, or there’s some teeny little setting I need to tweak to make the issue go away.

Apparently not.

It must be a pretty hard BUG to kill, since it’s been around since 2010.

So, my little BUG has been officially ‘closed’ because of its ‘duplicate’ status.

In the meantime, since the original (?) BUG is apparently still alive and kicking, I guess I’ll continue the workarounds of Photoshop and camera angles.

Sorry, little BUG.  😦