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  1. Hi Kat! You said: “I think it’s the personal attacks like those that upset me the most – just because someone has an opinion that differs from yours doesn’t mean that they are stupid, and what on earth does their financial situation have to do with anything?”

    I hope my comment on Becky’s post re: my own limited Linden dollar budget didn’t come across as presuming that others were opting not to buy mesh heads *solely* because of cost; I didn’t intend it that way at all!

    We all have our reasons for adopting or not adopting mesh body parts, and they’re all valid opinions so to read about people going at each-other or making personal attacks is upsetting. The comments I hear the most often in group chats are people complaining bitterly about how “hideous” the system feet are, and how it’s impossible to believe that anyone would willingly abstain from upgrading to Slinks or similar. Their opinion is valid, and I might even agree that the default feet pale in comparison to their beautifully-made mesh counterparts, but for those of us who still have the system bits and bobs, it doesn’t make us – as you say – stupid, lazy or lesser-than. The implication is just frustrating because ultimately, what does it matter to anyone else how we choose to upgrade or enhance our avatar’s looks?

    1. No, it wasn’t you – in fact, I didn’t even know you had commented on Becky’s post, lol. I have my own opinions about mesh, just as everyone does. I just get pissed off when I see people attacking others and making assumptions and/or nasty statements about those who disagree.
      I personally don’t understand why the debate over mesh heads seems so heated. To me, it’s like everything else in SL – if you like it, go for it, as long as you aren’t hurting anyone else.
      I don’t understand the appeal of Lolas or big bootys either, but I don’t demean or belittle those who choose them.
      I don’t want others telling me how to live my SL – I give them the same courtesy.
      How different things would be if we could all be just a bit nicer/more tolerant of each other – RL and SL. 😀

  2. To quote your post: “I keep secretly hoping that Maitreya is working on one, since I already own their mesh body.

    Then it would be made to work with my body (I would hope!), and I wouldn’t have to worry about more appliers and skins in order to use the head.”

    Maitreya’s built-in tones for their mesh body are based on Glam Affair skin tones. The built-in options included with Lelutka mesh heads are also Glam Affair skin tones. In addition to designing appliers for the head, Glam Affair collaborated on the basic skin included with the head. Basically, the Lelutka mesh heads are heads made to work with the Maitreya body (but compatible with the Slink body too).

    1. I know that the Lelutka heads work with the Glam Affair skins. I do have a few of those, but they aren’t the skin I wear on a day-to-day basis. It IS an option I had forgotten about, so thanks for reminding me. 🙂

      1. To clarify, you don’t need to own a Glam Affair skin to use Lelutka mesh heads. One is already built-in to the head. You can buy the head and pair it with the Maitreya body without the need for any separate appliers other than the ones included with the head and body. This is because both designers collaborated with Glam Affair when developing their products.

  3. Also, it is worth noting that the mesh head from LOGO includes a skin to match the head. Unlike the Lelutka mesh head, which only works with mesh bodies (Maitreya & Slink), LOGO mesh heads are designed for the default avatar body.

    1. I bought a GA skin because I don’t have a mesh head but thanks for pointing out you don’t need to if you buy a Lelutka head. I know the Logo heads include skins which is great, but even the darkest tone is a bit pale for me.

  4. I enjoyed this, and the information from Rebekah bc though I won’t buy a mesh head (my face is my brand) I am always curious about these things. I totally agree Kat, to wear or not to wear is a personal journey. ♡

  5. Hi Kat, thank you for your article and your opinion about the mesh heads.
    For me, mesh heads, are also no option because, like you, I don’t like how they look. Yes, I don’t like the mouth on all of them – dosn’t matter which brand.
    They are having all a strange look for me and they are NOT smiling. Looking sadly – I like my face and maybe one day there is one designer – making my face a mesh head only for me. 🙂 without a pounting look but a lovely smiling. Seems this pouting is fashionably in – but don’t work for me either.
    I bought a mesh head and well, used it once or twice and now it is in my inventory.

    And beside all of that it is getting more and more complicated with all the appliers. Can it not be only one system?????? Why making sl life soooo complicated?

    Mesh head here, mesh body there, then don’t forget your hands and feet, ears, eyes and what else.
    And when tp to an event – all the avatars – well not the avatars….their parts floating around….some of them really huge and big. Why are going all the users – they know how laggy it can be – with their replacement parts there ?

    My smile is my brand .))))) Sometimes when I am in mood I will use my mesh head but only sometimes …one thing I like with my Lelutka mesh head: closed eyes 🙂
    ah there is another thing I realised…when wearing my mesh head I am crossed-yes….*sighs*

    But I am gettign along with all of them for some photos but in my usual sl life I only wear my meshbody with my system head and my smile :)))))

    1. The mesh heads are getting better, and I have considered both the Lelutka heads and the new LOGO head. But yes, the applier issue is annoyingly complicated.
      And I can’t count the number of times I tp somewhere to floating feet, heads, clothing, shoes – you name it. I agree, the mesh heads and bodies are amazing if you take photos. After a few shoots with my mesh body, I found it took me almost twice as long to edit photos with my system avi – time I could spend doing something else.
      But mesh is here to stay, so it will be interesting to see if/when improvements come along to make things better (less laggy) to accommodate the mesh explosion. :))

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