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Well, I did it!

I finally took the plunge and changed the theme of my blog.

I really loved the old theme, especially the fonts and the colors, but the layout just didn’t work sometimes.

It was an older theme and didn’t have some of the bells and whistles I wanted.

C’est la vie – progress (and technology) marches ever forward, yes?

There are some things about the new theme I’m debating changing – I’m not thrilled with some of the font choices, but I’m not sure if I dislike them enough to shell out $ to change them.

So, I’ll live with it for now.

I’m not even sure how much of a difference it actually makes for some readers – so much of the layout is unseen on a phone or tablet versus what I see on my PC.

But I’m happy with the change – it feels good. 🙂

Now that the blog is under control, I can concentrate on some other projects (RL and SL).

I have research to do, blog posts to write, pictures to take – it never ends.

I love being busy, though – I do my best work under pressure.

And great news yesterday – Nai has been so busy that his ‘365’ inspiration idea took a hiatus.

It’s back, albeit in a different form, and I can’t wait to get started with some of the ideas!

3 thoughts on “New Look

  1. Looking lovely, Kat! I know just what you mean about having a few things you wish you could change on the WP templates; I can’t justify the $10/mo cost just to have control over the stylesheet – at that cost, you could get hosting for your own website where you could download WordPress for free and have full control over everything. They’re clever with how they structured that. It’s kind of a beast to work with if you’re not familiar with web design though. But the changes you make looks excellent, really clean and bright. Love the blue background too! 🙂

    1. Thank you! I’ve done both WP .com and .org, and while I like the control of self-hosting, it brings its own share of headaches. So for now, I’m staying at – then I can use that $ for stuffs in SL!! 😀

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