In Flux

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I’ve been thinking about making changes to my blog for some time now.

I think I’ve finally decided on a new theme.

It may seem silly, but I spent a lot of time looking at themes and finding one that I think will work.

Now I have to spend the time to change over to the theme, redo all my widgets, make sure all my links are working, etc. etc. 😀

So the look of the blog may be in flux for a few days while I get all that accomplished.

I’ve also been slowly working my way through my inventory and paring it down.

The ‘Costumes’ folder is killing me, as I knew it would.

Some things are easy to delete, others aren’t.

However, I’ve made a HUGE dent in my clothing folders, so yay!!

I have a few more mesh outfits to go through, but everything else is sorted and ready for new stuff.

Which is good, since there are always a ton of events going on. 😛

Yesterday I visited FaMESHed, The Instruments, and Oneword – so I’ll have some cool pieces to include in upcoming LOTD posts.

I finally buckled down and applied to some feeds and was accepted, so I can also now happily claim to be a syndicated blog. 😀

Now that I’ve gotten a handle on where I’m going with blogging, I can get back to dancing!

I’ve collected a bunch of new props and such, and I’m itching to try them out.

I also need to finally unpack my new Stage Manager and learn how it works.

Enjoy your Tuesday while I’m slaving away sorting costumes. 😛