Trying Other TPVs – Black Dragon

Old TPVs
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Over the last week or so, I’ve been trying out different viewers.

I didn’t think I would find one to replace Firestorm.

CtrlAltStudio is a close second for everyday use, just because it’s so much like Firestorm.

It also seems to be easier on my computer when maxing out my graphics.

So I probably would have used it to take hi-res photos.

Until I tried Black Dragon.

Black Dragon certainly has some things about it I don’t like, such as the fact that there is no built-in AO.

There is no worn tab in the inventory, which is kind of a pain.

The chat panel seemed backwards to me – the names were listed on the right, while the chat appeared on the left.

It also didn’t have a built-in pose stand like Firestorm does.

There are no phototools like in Firestorm, but – it does have some amazing options.

The UI looks more like the official viewer (and Alchemy); however, I’m willing to put up with that to use the amazing graphics tools.

It doesn’t come with as many pre-loaded windlights as Firestorm, but it does have quite a few.

Most of the items in Firestorm’s phototools you can find under Preferences → Display tab.

I was able to bump up my graphics settings to the max.

When I went to take a photo, there was absolutely NO delay when refreshing.

In addition, the viewer has a number of built-in filters you can use to enhance your photos, like lens flare, sepia, toy camera, etc.

Having those options can really cut down on the amount of time I spent post-processing a photo.

And having it refresh instantly, even at max settings, is a timesaver (and less stressful!) as well.

Like CtrlAltStudio, I am able to travel around to various places with all the graphics settings maxed out.

However, I much prefer the options I get with photos using Black Dragon.

For the time being, I plan to use Black Dragon when taking hi-res photos.

That leaves more time for shopping!!

I didn’t try out the Kokua or Catznip viewers.

I did try out Singularity, but it was too much like the official viewer, so I didn’t really spend any time using it.

I didn’t try out Restrained Love viewer or the UKanDo viewers, so that is the end of the reviews of the TPV’s.

I’m off to take more photos!