Trying Other TPVs – CtrlAltStudio

Old TPVs
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I spent the last couple of days using the CtrlAltStudio viewer.

It felt the most comfortable, because it is based on the Firestorm viewer.

So most of the things I use on a daily basis were easily located and used.

The last update came out on 3/18/2015, so the viewer seems to be fairly current.

It was a pretty quick and easy download – I was up and running in no time.

The first difference I noted was the color scheme.

I must say, I like the purple. 🙂

I know you can change skins in Firestorm, I just never have.

In reading through the information on their website, CtrlAltStudio seems to have a lot of possibilities.

It has Oculus Rift DK2 support, if you’re interested in that.

It also has stereoscopic 3D options and the ability to use your Xbox 360 controller and/or Kinect to move around.

(A lot of that information was way too technical for me to follow, so if you want to know more, just visit their website.)

I will say, based on a few experiments, that it does seem to handle graphics better than Firestorm.

A few days ago I went to The Black Fair – my FPS went from 50+ to less than 3.  -.-

Not good when you are trying to walk around and shop.

Normally when I take pictures with Firestorm, I will turn on anisotropic filtering and then bump my anti-aliasing up to 16x.

However, there is always a few sec delay while the hi-res pic refreshes.

With CtrlAltStudio, I didn’t get the same delay with the refresh.

So I tried going back to The Black Fair to see what kind of FPS I would get with CtrlAltStudio.

I averaged about 13 FPS (as opposed to 3), and I realized after returning home that I had left the anisotropic filtering on and the anti-aliasing bumped up.

Then I tried to open Photoshop while still running the viewer with everything bumped up.

With Firestorm, I will almost always crash if I open Photoshop with everything still turned up from taking photos.

CtrlAltStudio didn’t have any issues.

I was able to post-process a couple of photos with the viewer still running at max.

So CtrlAltStudio may become an either/or viewer for me.

It’s enough like Firestorm that I am very comfortable using it, but it seems to put less load on my system, which means I can get more work done more quickly.

Next up: Black Dragon