New Shoes and Viewers

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Tuesday was one of my favorite events – 21 Shoe!

I am a shoe-aholic in SL.

I can never have too many shoes.

And since 21 Shoe is a two-fer event, it’s even better!

YS&YS – Rapallo – White

I love high-heeled shoes, and with my Maitreya body, I love them even more.

After doing some shoe shopping, I decided to try out something else – a new viewer.

I’ve been a Firestorm user for a long time, back when it was Phoenix, and before that, when it was Emerald.

I have just never been comfortable with the official viewer – it makes my head hurt.

But after a group chat conversation in a blogging group, I decided to try out some other TPV’s for comparison.

I’ll have a write-up on my opinions in a later post. 🙂

But I will say that I am in LOOOOOOOOOVE with the Black Dragon viewer at the moment.

Essenz LA Peach
Essenz – Los Angeles – Peach

I can take hi-res photos and it refreshes instantly.

With Firestorm, there’s always those few seconds of, “Am I crashing? Please don’t crash! Please!” when I take hi-res photos.

So, I logged in this morning with the Black Dragon viewer and snapped some pics of these gorgeous shoes.

I’m still trying to figure out the UI and where all the settings are, but there are a few features I love.

I also tried out Alchemy, Singularity, and CtrlAltStudio.

Anyway, back to shoes!!

I have begun phasing out any shoes but ones for Slink and Maitreya feet.

Iris Wine
MyADDICTION – Iris – Wine

I run ALM all the time, and invisiprim shoes look horrible with it. 😦

Even some mesh shoes can look odd.

But shoes like these?


Some of the designers were new to me, but I will definitely be revisiting them in the future.

Do you have a favorite shoe designer?

2 thoughts on “New Shoes and Viewers

  1. I’d give anything to find a decent viewer that is reliable in all aspects. I love Firestorm for some of its many useful features but my computer freezes far too much with it. However I soldier on with it. The best viewer for me was the old Phoenix which was solid as a rock and I stayed with it till LL “broke” it when I had to move to FS.

    Singularity is more stable but everything takes so long to rez with it, it’s unworkable and taking photos with it is not good. I’m amazed out how quickly FS rezzes textures for me, sadly however, not mesh, well not in crowded laggy places anyway. Everywhere else it’s fine. I can go to a gallery with a friend with a gaming computer and she will say hang on, still rezzing while I saw everything almost right away.

    It’s good that Black Dragon is back, I would have loved to have tried its predecessor, Niran’s viewer which was touted as so good for photography but they never did have a mac version and still don’t.

    I don’t know what ALM is but most of my invisiprim shoes are long gone or if I could wear another shoe alpha layer with them and it worked, then I kept a very few favourites.

    Right now I love Glamistry shoes because he was one of the first to put out shoes rigged for the Maitreya body and he has updated all his earlier ones. His system is brilliant. $299 for the first pair and $97 for each additional colour, which is then automatically added to the hud. I talked to him recently and he was the designer of Kalnin’s shoes which were some of my faves long ago and one of the first users of a hud system with different colours for shoes. He was gone for a few years but is back now. The detail on his shoes is amazing although they are not always to my taste.

    1. ALM is advanced lighting mode. I also have shoes that I can use an alpha with, but sometimes they look odd as well.
      I am writing a series of posts about my trials with various viewers, but I have to say, FS is still my favorite.
      On the other hand, when I tried to go to the Black Fair, my fps were around 3-4, no matter which viewer I was on. 😦
      I am loving the Glamistry shoes and I love being able to purchase additional colors directly from the HUD – so I can usually find a shoe color that goes with my outfit. 🙂

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