MJ’s Burlesque

NancySexFriday I was able to catch the latest show from MJ’s Burlesque.

Nancy started off the show with a hot and steamy number.

I am always in awe of Nancy’s creativity, and this act was no different.

Great set and steamy emotes, done with her signature style.

After Nancy’s set, MJ did a sexy little number as Lady Godiva.

MJGodivaIt’s always a challenge to get pics I can share from MJ’s shows.

Clothing seems to just evaporate shortly after they take the stage. 😛

This time MJ got straight to business, starting off the number in her birthday suit.

Thank goodness I was able to get a few shots without putting everything on display!

Not that MJ minded, mind you. 😀

After MJ was Zed as a defendent, complete with her orange jumpsuit.

I was so busy camming the jury box and the evidence table, I forgot to snap a pic of Zed!

WinnieStatueThe guest performer for this show was none other than the amazing Miss Winnie.

She did a hauntingly beautiful number as a statue come to life.

The song and set meshed perfectly and the choreography was amazing.

Great job, Winnie!

NancySirenAfter Winnie, Nancy took the stage again, channeling her inner siren.

Complete with fog, mist, lightning, toppling pillars, and the appearance of her tentacled pet, this is one of my favorite sets.

The colors and mood of the set were perfect.

Again, pictures were a bit of a challenge, since sirens have a pretty liberal dress code. 😀

Wrapping up the show was MJ, in a cute Vaudeville burlesque number.

MJMPI don’t know how she got the stars to light up when she walked, but it was very cool.

Another amazing set from the crew at MJ’s.

If you haven’t seen one of their shows, you’re missing out.

Stop by the club and join the group to stay updated, or hit up the subscribo.

See you at the next show!


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  1. Thank you Kat, you’re making me blush! I have known MJ and Zed forever and have wanted to do a show there. They all worked with my pesky US schedule for rehearsing and it was more fun than I could ever imagine. 🙂 Those ladies have mad skills and may be the most under-rated venue on the grid, and more than anything, they are FUN!

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