Shopping Break

Keep Calm Feet Up
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For the last few weeks, I’ve not really had any enthusiasm about dancing.

I’m not sure why, but I just haven’t felt inspired, I suppose.

So while I wait for inspiration to strike, I’ve been busily shopping all over the grid.

My pocketbook and shoes are plum wore out, but I picked up some amazing things I’ll be showing you.

I’ve already shared a few things I got from the Pose Fair, but I still have poses to unpack and use (yay!).

I went to Kustom9 and picked up some to-die-for shoes, visited the Season’s Story, checked out The Liason Collaborative, and wrapped it all up by doing the TAG! Gacha Event.


I wasn’t planning on doing the TAG! Gacha this time, but the theme is ‘Side Show’ and well, who can resist amazing circus-themed items?

Not me, that’s for sure!

I still have a few events on my list that I want to visit, but I need to spend some time organizing what I’ve already picked up – and deleting some stuff to make room for it all.

So I’m going to give my poor, tired feet a break and prop them up while I sort.

If you need a break too, head on over to MJ’s Burlesque for their encore performance at 2pm SLT today.

I caught the show on Friday, and it was amazing!

Also, I’m changing up the LOTD posts a bit.

I have a TON of things I’ve collected to use in routines that I never use.

So I will be doing a bit more decorating, setting a scene.

And hopefully, penning a few short lines of a story to go with the picture.

Enjoy your Sunday!