Streaming SL?

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I try to keep up with some of the technical happenings involving SL.

I stumbled across SL Go because I was frustrated at the limitations of my computer system.

I have since upgraded my system, so I wasn’t using SL Go as much.

However, I was still disappointed to learn that the service was being discontinued as of April 30.

In fact, I was in the middle of an experiment using my computer versus SL Go and comparing FPS and performance.

I went to a couple of dance shows and experienced some quite heavy lag, which was unusual.

So hubs hopped on SL Go and we were off.

Sadly, before I could finish up the experiment and publish the results, SL Go was axed.

With its demise, the experiment was pointless.


While I didn’t use SL Go as much as I thought I would, my husband enjoyed it very much.

His preference was to use it on his iPad, but much of the appeal of the service was that people who couldn’t afford high-end computer systems could use SL.

Those same people were really disappointed to see it go (no pun intended 😛 ), and the end of the service leaves a definite hole.

There has been speculation whether another company could replicate the service.

It seems that a new service might actually be possible.

There was an article about using Frame to stream SL and a company called Bright Canopy has started a beta to see if/how it works.

The beta is now closed, but you can go here and sign up for their invitation-only pre-launch.

I have no idea how this all works (being a non-technical person), but it looks fascinating.

If you are a technical person, or you just want more details, Inara Pey has a blog post all about it.

I’m optimistic that another service like SL Go may actually happen.

I personally am not a fan of ‘mobile’ use of SL, I love my keyboard, mouse, and my big monitor waaay too much. 😛

However, for people who can’t afford a high-end computer system, a streaming service like SL Go enabled many to experience SL, even on older hardware.

I’m all for that – the more, the merrier when it comes to SL!