What’s It Worth To You?

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Image Source: http://www.quoteswave.com

After a few more days of introspection and reflection, I’m still not sure where I want to go or what I want to do.

I have decided, however, that it’s okay if I don’t know.

I can just muddle along until I do. 😀

So while I’m pondering, at least I can continue to be productive.

Yesterday I mentioned a post by Canary Beck about a ‘male makeover’ and commented that I found almost $9000L kind of expensive for outfitting an avatar.

Becky disagreed, commenting that she recommended only ‘quality’ items (something I wasn’t disputing).

However, it got me thinking.

Many people think of SL as their ‘hobby,’ while for others it is the source of their RL income.

I’m curious – no matter where you fall on the spectrum – hobby or moneymaker, what is SL worth to you?

How much do you spend on a weekly basis in SL?

I know dance animations can be pricey, as can some of the other dance equipment.

Do you have a budget for SL, or do you just spend whatever you want?

Is there ever a point where you feel you’ve spent ‘too much’?

How do you decide what to spend your $L on?

Do you have an activity in SL (like dancing) that you focus on?

Do you build, decorate, or rp?

Do you ever wish you had more $L to spend?

8 thoughts on “What’s It Worth To You?

  1. I had a ‘wonder’ this moanin. I wondered if people have consciously or unconsciously curbed their spending habits in anticipation of the second-coming of SL2.

  2. When I first got into sl my wife and I were touring in our RV and living in it enough to be called “Full-Timers.” So the first year I was in SL it was a hobby and my budget was very limited. The cost of diesel fuel the fall-winter-spring of 2011-2012 was such that going from Oklahoma City to Phoenix (via the Southern Route) cost a cool $1,000.

    Diesel fuel prices went up during that winter. That factor combined with my wife’s increasing health problems caused us to suspend “full timing.” Subsequent health problems plus the increasing cost of living caused us to greatly modify our lifestyle. I have become my wife’s Caregiver, and I am reluctantly putting the RV up for sale during this month of April.

    Since then SL has evolved into “my lifestyle” and I have a significant budget within which i operate in SL. i really don’t want to name an amount; It’s enough to buy dances, costumes and other necessities for being a performer in SL, plus the expense of operating the Paramount, where in addition to other things I pay a small “salary” to every dancer in every show.

    I would seriously like to check out the 9,000 avi – and determine if it would adapt to the kind of dancing/performing that I do. 🙂 I recently purchased “Slink Feet” (I’m glad they didn’t spell “slink” with a “T”), meaning I am trying to change with the times.

    Answers to the questions: Yes of course I wish I had more to spend. :^)

    And, so far, I’m not making any changes based upon the possibility of a new SL. I’ll burn that bridge when it’s in front of me. 🙂


    1. You can read Becky’s post here – I don’t see why it wouldn’t adapt to performing. She does include the Slink hands/feet in the mix, as well as info on obtaining necessary male ‘parts.’ 😛
      The shape/skin are the really expensive parts, as you can imagine. None of the clothing items are horribly expensive, it just seems that way when you add it all up together.
      I’m sure I’d cringe if I figured up how much $ I’ve spent on dance anims alone!

  3. *digs a tunnel to the nearest bank* I know I probably spend too much, but I don’t have kids, I’m gainfully employed and golf costs just as much (insert justification statement here) I did go a little hog crazy at one point…summer house, winter house, beach house, coffee house…but when I started dancing regularly, I pared that down and now I have the coffee house next to Blue Moon and my build platform is above it. I go back and forth with a house, I gave it up for a while but now I have one again on a sailing sim. I’ve gotten better about organizing so that I can find all of the things I own to build sets with and re-use stuff more.

    Thing is, SL is relaxing, fun, distracting and when you sit in an office all day with spreadsheets it is worth it to me to have a hobby that can give me a creative outlet and a place to meet fascinating people.

    1. I’m not trying to make any judgments about what people spend, I’m just genuinely curious. I am a SAHM, and with college tuition looming large, SL is having to take a backseat. :/ I think we’d all spend more if we could, isn’t that how it works when you enjoy something? 🙂

  4. Oh – . I read the “makeover” article. 🙂 I thought it was about a guy’s mesh avi. 🙂

    Happy Blogging!!!

    1. No, a mesh avi would have made it even more expensive. I have seen a few different male ones, but I don’t personally have any experience with them. I’m still trying to figure out how to help my husband make his Slink hands match his arms – there is always a gap, no matter what we try!

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