Limits – Don’t You Hate Them?

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I’d like to live forever, but that won’t happen.

I’d love it if there were no speed limits, but that won’t happen either.

Life has limits.

And so does SL.

Specifically, group limits.

Remember when you could only have 25 group slots?

Remember how overjoyed we were when that got raised to 42?

(Why 42?  Why not 45? Or is 42 some tongue-in-cheek reference to Douglas Adams?)

Now, even 42 is not enough.

I am constantly at the limit, and have to make some very hard decisions about what groups I am in.

At this point, most of the groups I am in are groups I have paid to join, so I am loathe to leave them.

I, of course, have some working groups that I have to stay in, as does most everyone in SL.

But there are always some slots left over that are discretionary.

If a store/venue offers a subscribo, I will choose that over the group to stay informed.

That is my general choice for stores and such (though some days it feels like it’s raining subscribo notices!).

But some groups are worth joining, despite using a precious group slot.

So I got to wondering – besides working groups, what groups do you belong to that are ‘must-have’?

Is it your gacha trading group?

Your building group?

Your super-secret circle of friends group?

A store that you absolutely love?

Annnnnnnnddddd . . . GO!